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February 2014 Horoscope!

Instead of the usual Sun sign trivia, we are basing our interpretation on Venus, Mars, Jupiter and other planets as they affect your Sun sign. We are also paying attention to Venus as it applies to beauty and love matters. HJ Feb till June 2014 is excellent for love matters for Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. Luck […]


HJ Interview on Sirius XM with Carla Collins

Here is a link of my interview on the Sirius XM with Carla Collins about world trends as well as the stressful dates for the 40s 50s and 1980s age group from Dec 2013 to July 2014 and much more. Important alert for parents with children born between 1984 and 1991. Read More…  


Michael Schumacher Ski Accident

Michael Schumacher Ski Accident: Here is the chart analysis of Michael Schumacher, who recently had a bad ski accident on the French Alps. Schumacher is a seven-time Formula One World Champion and is widely regarded as one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. One of the most important aspect of his chart is that […]