Are You A Rule Maker or A Rule Breaker?

This is my latest Palmistry book on two of the most significant aspects of Palmistry and two of its variations. It is so important to understand what is your natural tendency as it will help you in the selection of your career, your spouse, your hobbies and also which friends would be best for you.

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After going through the simple guidelines in this book, you will be able to look at your own or anyone else’s hands and answer the following:

Do you like to take the lead or are you the type of person who likes to follow?

Do you like to do things at the last minute or do you plan everything in advance?

Do you have the ability to convince others with your enthusiasm?

Are you action oriented or do you wait for others to push you in the right direction?

Are you daring and adventurous and willing to take chances? or

Are you too cautious and miss out on opportunities because of too much hesitation?

One look at your hands and  you will know right away as Palmistry shows you the answer right away.

Write these down and be realistic about yourself. We are trying to let you understand your true nature so you can choose the right lifestyle and the type of hobbies or career based on it.

How does President Barack Obama’s Hand show that he definitely has the single most important ingredient to be a motivational speaker and to be able to truly motivate others. In fact, it is the same mark which makes him so optimistic and confident. Is he a rule maker or a rule breaker? He wasn’t even a Governor yet became a two time President! He Certainly has to be a rule breaker to do that! Many leaders are rule breakers in fact.

obama_right_handHow does it also clearly indicate that he doesn’t really care for other people’s opinion?!

Does he have the hand of someone who will bring about major changes in the system and would he care for what others think of him or not?

All this and much more…