Horoscope Analysis by Hassan Jaffer: Although I have been writing from 1986, this is the first time that we are making these articles available for comments and discussions for all of you. We welcome any suggestions as to the topics or people whose chart you would like us to analyze.

The main reason for these articles is to make you aware of events which happen to other individuals but could also happen to you and how to be prepared for them or avert any danger or misfortune. In other words, how to use the positive opportunities and be prepared to offset the negative themes. For some of you, it might as well be negative theme offset therapy!

We will put real like examples of events which affect everyone and give you my astrological reasoning behind it. We will analyze the charts of the most talented actors, athletes, artists, composers, musicians, poets, writers, public speakers etc. to see if you have similar aspects that you are born with. We will also discuss the events happening in the lives of present and past personalities so you can learn from them or to be ready to take advantage of the timing.

Horoscope Analysis by Hassan Jaffer look at questions like: What are the most common planetary aspects in the chart of singers? musicians or composers? Does your child have Uranus in Pisces like Mozart’s generation had? What is the major windfall aspects and who was born with it and who was going through it by transit? What was it in Marilyn Monroe’s chart which gave her the amazing charisma and made her so photogenic? What was the cause of her deep depression and what to do about it if you are born with the same aspect?

When is the best time for fame and recognition? What was showing up in the chart of Beatles when they suddenly became so famous? Were all of them going through the same aspects? When are you most vulnerable to scandals? What transit was common to most of the famous people when they were going through major  scandals in their life?

When are you most inspired to write/ to compose? What was Nostradamus going through when he wrote his Quatrains and was he in a prophetic frame of mind? Could the danger to JFK have been avoided? How are the destinies of the same family or same city or even country linked? How can our reports show you when you are prone to accidents? or windfalls? and much more…

There is a lot for the real student of astrology as well: Does Moon in Cancer on the day when Jon Benet tragedy tell us something about the perpetrator? Were there two people involved and what was their personality? Does Mars transiting her 4th house mean anything? Why do we feel that Marilyn Monroe died in an ambulance and then was brought back to the house? What was Robert Kennedy’s chart showing at that time?

All the potential traits and talents we will be discussing here for artists or composers etc is given in Your Indepth Personal Analysis Report for yourself, and Your 12 Month Forecast will have all the themes of events for the future which we will be analyzing as well.

Some of the topics we will discuss are:

Charts of Presidents, Celebrities, Famous and the Infamous

Charts of Scientists, Musicians, Actors, Composers

Charts of Criminals and Unsolved Mysteries

World Events and Historic Events

Natural Disaster (Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Storms)