Avicii Shocking Horoscope Analysis

Avicii Shocking Horoscope Analysis reveals what possibly went wrong with the very popular electronic Dance DJ and Music Producer. from Sweden.  Avicii was born in Stockholm, Sweden on 8 Sep 1989 and was only 28 when he suddenly passed away in Muscat, Oman on 20 April 2018.  TMZ released a photo of Avicii in a boat with two friends showing a peace sign and he seemed happy and healthy.

It was shocking to the millions of fans around the world but when you look at his chart and his hand, some things become very clear.



Avicii performing electronic dance music

It is sad when a young, handsome, talented, 28 year old who seems to have everything going for him including adoring fans, a net worth of over 50 million, a 15 million fabulous mansion in Hollywood Hills, fancy cars and beautiful company suddenly passes away.

Although we don’t know the time of birth, Saturn cnj his Moon throughout 2017 indicating a very depleting time. His age group had gone through a very stressful period in the first two weeks of April when transiting Mars conj his natal Saturn and Neptune, which reduces the immune system,

We don’t have a good image of his hand, but it seems there is an overlap in the Life line and also a line from the little finger seems to cut the Life Line. This is usually an indication of liver, kidney or pancreas etc. and it seems he did have pancreas problem due to his drinking.


I belive that you can’t increase your Lifespan (humans are probably designed for 125 years) but you can certainly decrease it by free choice.


Avicii Horoscope and Passing

It is possible that Avicii had Capricorn-Aquarius rising which puts Leo in the 7th house and his girlfriend (between 2013 and 2014) was the glamorous model and fashion blogger Racquel Natasha Bettencourt who has four planets in Leo.

Racquel Natasha Bettencourt

Her chart shows Saturn conj her natal Neptune ( musician bf) this is a mentally stressful aspect for that entire age group also.

Jupiter in Scorpion in 9th may related to his passing away in a Middle East country and on a trip.  Saturn Pluto and Mars in his 12th house (major health house) were pointing to the danger as well as his wanted to get away from public and not perform live concerts.

Neptune in Pisces was beginning to oppose his Mars in Virgo for the next several years indicating that his immune system was down.  Jupiter sxt his Mars actually is a great aspect for travel and recuperative powers but also makes one over confident so he may have taken chances with alcohol. Saturn was cnj his Neptune which makes people feel very insecure but also points to the his wanting to quit any addictions.

If any one of your can get his time  of birth, I will re-evaluate some key factors which are dependent on the time and it is useless to involves the houses unless  you have the exact time of birth.

In summary, I believe that his overwhelming success at a young age made him careless and indulge too much in alcohol. Even though he was trying to give up his addiction, 2017 must have been a depleting year for him as Saturn opp Moon almost the whole year. Saturn Moon also shows depression as well.

We don’t have a clear picture of his band but when you zoom in, you can definitely see the line of Hepatica from the little finger touching the Life line which was an early warning of impending danger from liver etc. Saturn sq his Mars from Oct to Dec 2017 which was also a major accident configuration and added to his condition. I am sure this could have been prevented had he not abused alcohol a few years earlier.

Avicii had a brilliant mind and with Mercury and Venus in Libra, had a natural sense of balance and brought a lot of love in the heart of millions.