Horoscope of Monica Lewinsky

Here is the chart of the infamous Monica Lewinsky, the intern who “fell in love” and then betrayed her trust with the President to make millions for her book.

What was her planetary stimulus in falling in love with a President?

Why was she so obsessed about love and her looks?

How could someone who had promised secrecy divulge everything so easily and blatantly?

Libra Rising (same as USA, Bill Clinton, JFK and Hitler!) = Harmonious on the outside but vindictive underneath! Capricorn on 4th house cusp= Divorced parents and a domineering mother. Cancer on 10th = Motherly at work. Aries on 7th = Likes adventurous partner and encouraged him to take impulsive risks.

Moon in Taurus in 7th House = Seeks nurturing from marriage partner. Marriage becomes an emotional roller coaster. Bill Clinton also has Moon in Taurus.

Sun in Leo in 10th = Sudden fame (opp to Jupiter = socially prominent). Bill Clinton is also a Leo.

Sun square Moon = Parents totally different and divorced.

Mercury in Cancer sq Mars = Caring and a good listener (Ann Landers was born with this placement).

Mercury sq Uranus = Prone to nervous breakdowns

Venus in Leo in 11th = Drawn to those in limelight who she meets through social parties (11th house) . Exhibitionist tendencies. Brags about involvements.

Venus trine Mars = Physically passionate. Attracted to risk takers.

Venus sxt Saturn = Always drawn to older men and father figures.

Venus sq Neptune = Looks at the world through rose coloured glasses. Extremely idealistic in love (major sign of sorrow in astrology). Seductive. Bill Clinton is also born with an adverse Venus conj Neptune aspect

Mars opp Uranus = Freak accidents to head and spine. Danger from guns. (Princess Diana had a variation of this also)

Jupiter in 4th in Aquarius = Expensive home and humanitarian.

Saturn in 9th = Legal problems. Sometimes delays in higher education. She picked her education again later in life.

Neptune in 2nd = Will probably do some acting. Sometimes spying!

Pluto in 12th = Secret love with powerful soft featured politician.

Horoscope Analysis


bill-clinton-monica-lewinskyMonica Lewinsky has Libra rising, just like Bill Clinton and has similar soft featured looks. In women, Libra rising makes them obsessed with self and self beautification. It makes them very conscious of their outer appearance and what people think of them.

Liz Taylor (who appeared quite flaky as soon as she started speaking) was also born with this placement (her  famous line as presenter of Academy Award “well I have been the stage as a winner and I have sat in the audience as a loser” comes to mind).

Anyone with Libra rising will have a love hate relationship with America because Libra is part of the 1st and 12th house of the US chart. They will be the darling of the nation then vilified unless they remain complete above board (Saturn in Libra in the US chart sits on the Ascendant of anyone with Libra rising adding heavy responsibilities).

America’s own chart shows secret love becomes their secret enemy

America supported Saddam and Noriega and then turned against them. Same thing with many other Middle East dictators and despots.

Clinton’s chart also shows secret love becoming secret enemy (Venus, Mars and Neptune all in 12th was almost destined for him to have a scandal and nightmare period relating to unrealistic love with someone much younger).

Monica Lewinsky was not really scheming but just obsessed with love with those who are high up in society.  Leo on her 11th also indicates that she goes out of her way to seek out celebrities. Venus in Leo indicates that she loves those in limelight and has exhibitionist tendencies. After all, she went right for the President.

Usually Venus in Leo is quite private about their love life even though they stand out in a crowd (Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Stallone).

Some commentators have implied that she was encouraged by the Jewish cabal in Washington to be close to someone with top security clearance so they could blackmail him later. Same thing was also suggested for another Jewish intern who got close to the head of the defense committee but we will leave that for another article.

The fact that the whole world knows about her love with the President of the United States was too ego gratifying for her to keep it private. Normally, her Mercury in Cancer would have made her keep it confidential but Jupiter trining it till Feb.’99 made her blurt out everything.

Ironically, the same transit is lucky for writing contracts! When I wrote this article originally at the time of this scandal, I had mentioned that she will try to preach her “sermon” to the masses, which is exactly what she intends to do now.

It is unfortunate that a spoilt Beverley Hills girl (whose Venus in Leo ironically compares really well with Bill Clinton’s Venus in Libra) betrays her trust (immoral or not) and goes along with the cheapest and sleaziest elements of society.

Goldberg, who was interested in publishing gossip, Linda Tripp, whose chart is extremely unfeminine and more like a trooper and who obtained the tapes illegally, and Monica Lewinsky who kept bragging about it to satisfy her Venus in Leo,  all happened to be Jewish which feeds very well to the conspiracy theories.

Both Prince Charles and Clinton have been caught in love scandals and they were both born with an adverse Venus Neptune aspect (idealistic in love). In fact, Monica was also born with a Venus square to Neptune. These people tend to set themselves up for disappointments in love and never find that “made-in-heaven” match they seek. It is interesting that both Clinton and Prince Charles were involved with Leos as well.

In Monica Lewinsky and Clinton’s case, the Venus Neptune aspect also gives them their seductive aura. Saturn was conjunct the Moon in her chart which showed depression and sadness till at the time of the scandal in 1999..

Freak Accidents to the Head and Spine

Monica Lewinsky has a major accident configuration that she is born with. Her Mars Uranus opposition is exactly like Versace and Prince Charles and this is a classic assassination configuration. Her danger is through guns and other freak accidents. Her birth time puts Mars in 7th and indicates danger to her partner, but I feel that her Mars must be in her 6th house as she was surrounded by security and guns at her workplace.

Her Mars-Uranus opposition was getting touched off by Saturn from mid.Oct ’98 till mid Mar.’99 and it certainly gave her a lot of hassles with the law.

It is unfortunate that Linda Tripp, whose Mars conjunct Saturn is one of the sure signs of hassles with men and authority conflicts, played Monica for her own gains. She is a Sagittarius with many Capricorn planets and her chart is very masculine and almost exactly opposite to Monica Lewinsky.

It is amazing how people sworn to secrecy betray everything they stand for. I am not a fan of anyone but people working in the Pentagon should not be allowed to write books or give statements about the highest office so loosely.

We mentioned before this scandal broke out that Saturn in Taurus squared to Uranus in Aquarius till Aug. 2000 will coincide with major clashes between people with traditional morals and those with unconventional values.

Ken Starr’s report against Bill Clinton brought into sharp focus not only these two sides but unfortunately the hypocrisy of those in power. While dividing the common people into these two groups, the speaker of the house and the chairman of the judiciary committee (both with questionable practices in the past) used politics to smear the President.

The whole report with all personal details being available on the Internet was a total breakdown of the democratic principles touted by the US. This was exactly what had been predicted in my earlier newsletters that democracy will be shown to be just in the name and Pluto in Sag. will force the whole judicial system to change.

I even mentioned at the time that “impeachment is likely but will fail eventually and the President will stay in office” which is exactly what happened. The $120 million being used in Ken Starr’s useless report seemed to compete with the National Enquirer.

It is interesting what I wrote at the time of the investigation that Bill Clinton will become more popular as Ken Starr goes through a depressing transit and in fact moves into obscurity (Saturn conjunct his Moon and going down in his chart at the time).

Clinton had disappointments but his use of legal technicalities finally proved to the world why the legal system is so hollow and impractical. At the time, I wrote at the time that making a mockery of the law is the first requisite of Pluto in Sag for the system to change.

Transits of Monica Lewinsky in 2014

In Sep 2012, Monica Lewinsky signed a tell-all book deal to tell her story of her affair with Bill Clinton; Lewinsky was getting a reported $12 million advance for her story. 

As Saturn starts moving down in Monica Lewinsky’s chart, she is coming into an obscure phase in her life. However, till July, Jupiter is touching off her Mercury in Cancer which makes her somewhat of a preacher and is a luck element when it comes to writing and giving interviews.

Jupiter moving into Leo from July 2014 till July 2015 is a very strong aspect of publicity and being famous or infamous (as long as she is in the limelight). It is also the last stage for making a movie as Saturn takes her into obscurity after that.  Interestingly, Saturn will move into her 3rd house after a brief period of recognition and she will go into obscurity again.

Lewinsky is reportedly sharing love letters that she wrote to Clinton in the new tell-all book, which doesn’t seem like she is just trying to set the record straight.

Anyone with any astrological insight in her chart can see how she pretended to be the innocent victim in the whole scandal while her Venus in Leo gave her all the limelight she needed for her ego. If you really want to remain private, you would never write such intimate details and revel in the publicity. You can fool the general public but not the astrologer!

May till end of July, she has Jupiter conj her Mercury which is excellent for writing and contractual matters. From July onward as Jupiter moves into Leo it will also give her publicity for film and acting, relationships and finances but not for writing. She has from now till July 2015 to remain in the public eye after which it will be dangerous for her to remain in the public eye. 

A Note About the US Congress

It is amazing how the US Congress made a fool of itself and a mockery of the system. We had written many years ago that the Democracy will have to be redefined and we are coming very close to that period. The Congress dumped a lot of useless and personal information about a siting President before he even got a chance to view anything.

Ken Starr’s misuse of authority, the Congress rushing to put all the material on the Internet to change the poll and the whole thing backfiring (Clinton’s job performance rating actually went up!) perfectly reflected America’s chart and its Mars sq Neptune to the hilt (see our analysis of the US horoscope).

Before the Congress could decide what constitutes high crimes, they dump everything personal about Clinton in front of the people. Just like in Rushdie’s case, the West went out of its way to defend “free speech”, yet if someone wrote about WWII in a good light, it would be considered “hate literature”.