jaylen and gfSenseless Shootings have happened in the last few days with Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa and Jaylen Fryberg in Marysville, Wa.

Can astrology predict when there is danger in your  chart?
Can we monitor the tweets and see the danger coming up?
What is the single most important reason behind most of the shootings?
Can you do anything to avoid it?

One lesson from all this: Never give guns to teenagers especially if they are borh with a Mars opp Saturn or any adverse aspect between these two as it is one of the most dangerous aspects for guns and knives.

Jaylen Fryberg Shooting in Marysville:

We got two birthdates for Jaylen with one of them in 1999 and the other in 2000.

I checked both the dates and I am quite positive he was born in 1999. It would be great if any one of you could confirm this. he might have even been born end of July but I still went to put these themes down and if we are able to confirm a different date, I will update you in the similarities. (Update we just got confirmation that he was actually born on 31 July 1999).

In the 1999 chart, it shows a Moon conj Pluto which makes a person quite intense in their emotions but also self-destructive and can make one vindictive as it is a Scorpio theme and gets activated when issues of resentment are not resolved.

He doesn’t have Moon conj Pluto but he does have Moon sq Pluto which still points to the upheavals at home and might have even been born with a Moon opp Venus sq Pluto. This would indicate that both Moon and Venus would get touched off and he would feel the emotional loss and loneliness even more acutely. He was also born with Moon in Pisces which makes one very compassionate but also extremely sensitive to those in need.

However, we cannot ignore the violent and bottled up anger (Mars in Scorpio opp Satunr) which I wrote about last time also.

Moon in Scorpio touched off his Mars in Scorpio opp Saturn indicating both a deep depression and anger (acting out one’s emotions). This was definitely a suicidal act on his part (Moon in Scorpio) and he had no intention of living anymore as he had given up hope when it comes to love and relationships. Venus and Sun also being in Scorpio increased his need for revenge and getting even as well as his self destructive side.

With Mars in Scorpio opp Saturn, there was a lot of bottled up anger and this is a violent configuration. Mars sq Venus would have added to his passion and strong feelings in love.

Two things stand out here:  

1- Venus in Leo needs a lot of attention and cannot stand any rejection. He had Venus in Leo and it was getting a sq from Saturn till Dec 2014.

Update: He actually had Mercury in Leo like before but Venus in Virgo not Leo. In other words it was not ego but deep sadness which drove him to violence. Mercury in Leo gives courage to take bold actions so he did not back away from it. However, it was the Venus in Virgo and self-pity as well which make him very despondent. From Dec 2014, Saturn would have touched off both his Venus and the Moon for about six months making it even more difficult and one of the classic aspects of breakups.

Saturn conjunct Venus: “This is usually a testing period in love matters and friendships or restrictive relations. You feel lonely due to lack of love but become realistic in your friendships. Attraction to older partner. Inhibits romance and emotions. You may also feel some financial strain now”.

Not only was he feeling very lonely but rejected as his girlfriend was starting to have feelings for his cousin and he felt totally betrayed (Mercury in Leo).

Neptune was exactly opposing his Venus which is one of the major signs of sorrow in astrology when it comes to love matters and makes one extremely idealistic. Mercury in Leo and Venus in Virgo is exactly what Elliot Roger  was born with and he also took his own life as he was feeling very lonely and unloved.

2- Mars in Scorpio makes one very vindictive when they are provoked. Not only was  he born with a Mars opp Saturn (bottled up anger which often leads to heart problems), he was also going through a Saturn cnj Mars by transit till Dec 2014. Here is the interpretation if you have the AstroCalendar:

Saturn conjunct Mars (wide): “You are very accident prone now and do not have good timing. Be
careful of legal hassles, breakups, authority conflicts, blowup, and skin, teeth and bone injuries or surgeries. Avoid danger sports. Car may need major repairs. Sublimate your drive in harmless physical activity and avoid crisis situations which can lead to heart problems.”

Shilene-George-Jaylen-FrybergJeylen’s girlfriend, Shilene George, was turning 16 in Jan 2016. Although we don’t have  her exact date, she would have  been born with a Mars opposition Saturn any day of that month. This is one of major aspects of authority conflicts (her angry tweets to her mother) and the interpretation given above applied to her all the time as well. This is a major aspect of danger from guns and knives and especially to the head area (Mars).

This transit also includes danger from guns and knives but I am still debating if I should put it in as I  would rather focus on teaching everyone how to offset this theme and never come to such a crisis in the first place. Out of 100 people, only a few people will come across danger from actual guns so we didn’t want to scare people unnecessarily especially if some people take things very literally.

It is amazing how people say things which become prophet as this tweet from  Shilene shows on 22nd Oct (2nd last tweet of hers):



Jeylen must have had intelligent leadership ability (Mercury in Leo) and charismatic jaylen-ray-fryberg-shooter-marysville-shooting(Sun and Venus in Leo), but his T-square in a fixed  sign involving Sun-Venus-Mars and Saturn was an explosive aspect waiting to be triggered off every seven years and it was exactly being touched off by transiting Saturn in the vindictive sign of Scorpio.

Moon also in Scorpio made him feel very fatalistic, hopeless and extremely lonely as well as suicidal and vindictive. This was the worst person to have jilted at that time and his twitter feeds are full of the Mars in Scorpio language including to ending life.

Here are some other tweets which signs of  the breakup with his girlfriend leading up to violence. My advice to all girls and women is always to be very very careful when they are breaking up and always leave an element of hope otherwise it makes a lot of these men desperate. They would rather be dead than alone. It takes some time for the healing and you have to be careful to be more sensitive to the needs  of the person .

Almost every shooting in the USA in the past few months has been right after they broke up with their girlfriend and felt hopeless. It doesn’t justify homicide but it is like jumping in front of a speeding car and then having the words “she had the right of way” written in the grave. We have made the Astrocalendar available to everyone now so you can see when you are most vulnerable and when the danger can become very real.

Here are some other tweets which clearly show the desperation building up to a crisis:

Here are two tweets with Mars opposing his Saturn and building the frustration and anger:





Saturn is already touching off the violent Mars in Scorpio and this is directed at his cousin who he feels betrayed him:





Here is a tweet three days before the tragedy on 21 Oct 2014. Moon is in Libra and feelings of love are felt the most. Moon goes into Scorpio on 23rd making him feel hopeless and on 24th morning he kills his girlfriend, his cousin and himself:

…and the last tweet with Moon in Scorpio the day before the event with Moon in Scorpio opp Saturn, Saturn in Scorpio sq Venus and opp Mars, every aspect of depression, anger, feelings of rejection and act of violence.





The most disturbing aspect of this whole thing is the amount of violent tweets and by both the boys and even girls so rampant and parents totally oblivious to what is going on. Hopefully, with Saturn moving in Sagittarius from end of Dec  2015 till 2017 will give a healthy dose of spiritual values and and religion (as long as it doesn’t become dogmatic) to avoid the extremes of violence we have witnessed during its stay in the sign of Scorpio.


Corporal Cirillo was shot guarding the War Memorial in Ottawa on 22nd Oct 2014. Here is a short analysis about the danger for his age group now and what was the configuration in his chart.

Although we don’t know his exactly birth time, we know that he had Moon in Scorpio close to Pluto. This gives a deep interest and fascination for anything to do with history of war, and extreme life/death survival issues etc.  It is a good aspect for renovating a property as a hobby as it is an aspect of complete transformation at a deep subconscious level.

It also indicates when you violate divine truth at a subconscious level and make secret enemies in the process.  He may not have  been involved with war directly, but Canada giving open support against extreme groups, to safeguard the interest not of Canadians but outside influences who have hijacked the foreign policies of Canada (as they have done in the US) made him a hidden target of these groups mentality.

The fact that he was at the War Museum was itself a danger element for him which he was totally oblivious to. He must  have been excellent at helping those who are the underdog and animals.

Saturn conjunt Moon is the sign of deep sadness for himself as well as his family and this had been going on for some time, and would have continued till end of Dec 2014.

Saturn was  making a wide (almost 12 degrees) out of sign conjunction already to his natal Mars (guns and knives) and from Dec 2014 till June 2015, this would have been exact and a continuous source of danger.

Jupiter squaring his Moon indicates the element of public response even as it is a sad event. This is the same aspect as at the time of Princess Diana’s funeral as Jupiter – Moon aspect always adds  to fame regardless of the reasoning behind it.

In AstroCalendar,  for those of you who follow it, he was getting two aspects:

1- Accidents, Legal, Heart: (Saturn conj Mars wide) “You are very accident prone now and do not have good timing. Be careful of legal hassles, breakups, authority conflicts and blowups. Often coincides with skin, teeth and bone injuries or surgeries. Avoid danger sports. Car may need major repairs. Sublimate your drive in harmless physical activity and avoid crisis situations which can lead to heart problems.”

2- Depression, Eyesight, Family Sadness (Saturn conj Moon): You may feel very run down now and need to give yourself lot of physical rest and sleep. Feelings of loneliness and depression but good for control of emotional displays and serious work. Lack of public support. Careful of parents health and eyesight problems. You are anemic and need more iron now. Sat cnj Moon


Can astrology predict when there is danger in your  chart?
Absolutely and AstroCalendar or your 12 Month Forecast will both give you the accurate dates.

Can we monitor the tweets and see the danger coming up? Parents need to be more vigilant to see where the morals of the children are headed and this is where religion and spirituality may play the most important part.

What is the single most important reason behind most of the shootings? Breakups as it makes most teenagers very desperate and early part of divorces. When people feel lonely and hopeless, they get desperate and acts of violence follow if they are getting a major accident configuration or mental stress.

Can you do anything to avoid it? We think there are ways to offset negative themes like drinking more water when you are angry and healthy exercises and dancing when you have excess energy but you have to know when you are going through a dangerous period first.. This is where our AstroCalendar comes in.

There are many solutions of course and we would love to hear your comments and suggestions as to the solutions for it.


Here is a video on how to use your astrocalendar and all the questions it can answer:


line_dottedTo see what your talents are and how you can offset any negative themes by harmless activities, get an Indepth Personal Analysis Report.


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