Leo Moon is when people in general tend to be more dramatic and flamboyant.

Take advantage of the grand feeling and focus on publicity, weddings, buying expensive designer clothes now but be careful of overspending.

It is easy to forget your means and overindulge your taste now. Royalty is often in the news and Monarchy gains favour with the public now.

This is an excellent time for launching new products, public relations, public speeches, and theatrical reviews. People are more susceptible to heart related illnesses now.

Today’s color is Gold.

Leo represents your 5th Need, the need for Pride and Recognition.

Moon in Leo

Moon in Leo themes

This is the need within you which propels you towards fame. Although many truly talented people don’t seek fame but there is a need to share what you feel is best within you with everyone. However, this is not a philosophical agenda like in Sagittarius but is driven by ego and your need for attention.

Leo area of your life represents areas where you feel a cut above the rest. It could be your personality (Leo in first house like Marilyn Monroe) or your writing/singing which impresses others, or the Bentley you drive (Leo in 3rd house) or the castle you live in (Leo in 4th) etc.

The recognition comes because when you have something really impressive to show, it cannot remain hidden for long. It also rubs off on others and boosts their ego as well. Just watch the young singers on any of the YouTube talent shows and you will feel their thrill of winning. It is a very positive feeling and quite euphoric to see someone win big especially when everyone underestimated them.

Fame is often the final result of something deep within you which feels you are the best in some area of life. It is when the Leo type of fame is tied to ego gratification without any talent that you get the adverse aspect of egocentric flamboyance. The true Leo fame is the recognition of the masses of one’s class and ability to shine above the rest.

Positive Stimulus

Boosts the ego and Leads to fame and recognition

– Attention

– Applause

– Recognition

– Admiration

Excessive Stimulus

– Can make you egocentric

– Arrogant and Bragging

– Need for constant attention

Activities to Stimulate the Leo side

– Wear dramatic clothes at least once a month when Moon is in Leo

– Attend galas where you are seen and admired

– Wear designer clothes or at least try them out at the most exclusive boutiques that you can get away with!

– Buy silk accessories and use expensive perfumes

– Wear designer labels

– Visit high fashion boutiques and exclusive neighborhoods (Beverly Hills type)

– Visit Broadway or similar live shows and theatres, to watch plays and also meet celebs

– Watch heroic performances in a circus

– Take limos or drive expensive cars

– Meet celebrities (sad to say but for a lot of people this may be at the time of Hollywood occasions when they bid farewell to one of the great actors

Fashion Accessories for Moon in Leo