Libra Moon applies to everyone around the world as it captures the global mood, but Libras are especially more emotional in their experiences now. Libra represents Your Seventh Need which is your need for love and relationship.

Libra Moon

Libra Moon

People, in general, are more cooperative, non-judgmental and tactful during Libra Moon and want to live in peace and harmony. Libra Moon also reflects the mood for peace treaties around the world and it is and an excellent time to renew friendships and make peace.

With a Libra Moon, you should avoid procrastination and being indecisive. It is a time to think of partnerships and being with someone instead of being alone. Everyone will be in the mood for love, marriage and relationships.

earrings_libraYou have refined taste now so this is an excellent time for decorating, fashion, clothing, buying jewellery, and making your place beautiful. People are more susceptible to sugar and kidney related problems now. Today’s colour is Opal.


Moon in Libra is Your Need to Experience


– Peace and Harmony

– Sharing

– Cooperation

– Appreciating beauty

– Listening to the other’s viewpoint

– Anything which reminds you of Love


Positive Stimulus

ties_libra– Stimulates your aesthetic side.

– Increases tolerance and sense of fairness

– Feelings of Love are evoked

– Love songs will be more meaningful now

Excessive Stimulus 

cuffs_shoes_libraIf you do too much of it, it leads to

– Indecisiveness (sitting on fence). 

– Procrastinating.

– Being inactive

– Socializing too much

Best activities to Indulge in

-Read fashion and interior decoration magazines to increase your sense of harmony and coordination.

-Visit art galleries especially displaying the art of the Renaissance period.

-Visit a beauty parlour and aesthetic places.

-Get fashionable clothes and a stylish look.

belt_handbag_libra-See a romantic movie (not ending in divorce!).

-Send roses to someone (don’t forget your spouse!).

-Develop friends and harmonious relationships.

-Plan to be with someone instead of being alone.

-Spend time with those you love and hug them. Socialize.

-Go to parties and dances.

-Attend weddings.

-If you have been married too long, take a honeymoon (with your spouse of course!).