Moon in Aquarius affects everyone around the world as it captures the global mood, but Aquarians are especially more emotional about their experiences now. Aquarius represents Your Eleventh Need which is your need for community and innovation.


When Moon is in Aquarius, people are more inventive, unconventional and willing to break the tradition now. It is a time to get away from routine and look into new technology, computers, software, advertising ideas, marketing, and using technology to improve your life.

Everyone is drawn to social causes to benefit the society and you should go to places where people gather like trade shows and fairs. As the Moon stimulates new ideas, it is a good time to work on your website, learn new programs or try new apps.

Today’s color is Aquamarine and people also prefer white now.

Positive Stimulus

Increases  sense of community

– Stimulates originality and innovation

– Makes you look at future trends

– Break from tradition

– Gives a sense of community

– Concern for welfare of others

Excessive Stimulus

Although it is important to break the limiting aspects of tradition from time to time, this theme can make one erratic and bring out the eccentricity if carried to an excess.
Be careful of the following:

– Makes you a non-conformist,

– Stimulates the erratic

– Brings out the eccentricity

Best activities to Indulge in

– Visit science centers to stimulate your inventive side

– Watch space-age movies

– Go to computer shows, stereo shops

– Use or familiarize yourself with hi-tech and digital equipment

– Become involved with social work or community affairs

– Go to places where you can watch snowflakes

– Visit modern art exhibitions and computer or graphic shows

– Use cell phones, emails, Internet, digital technology, computers

– Attend seminars, workshops, fairs and trade shows

Fashion Accessories for Moon in Aquarius