Moon in Aries applies to everyone around the world and reflects the global mood, but those born under the sign of Aries are especially more emotional and impatient now.

Aries represents Your First Need which is your need for Action.







This is the beginning of any project and the pioneering spirit in everyone. As Moon moves from Pisces to Aries, we are moving from the feelings of a poet  to that of  the pioneer. After the rain comes the sunshine again and this is often quite literally what happens to the weather. Major storms then everything dissipates and sunlight again.

Aries Moon stimulates your need for new challenges and physical activity and to see results right away. Everyone tends to be more impatient, hasty and reckless now. People are more enthusiastic and it is easy to feel motivated as well. Focus on initiating new activities but don’t be too impulsive. 

Healthwise, people are more prone to headaches and head related injuries now so be careful of fast driving.

Today’s color is Red.

Positive Stimulus

– Love of new challenges
– Physical activity
– Need to see results right away – Become more active
– Initiate new projects

Excessive Stimulus

– Hasty decisions

– Tendency to jump-the-gun

– Being reckless

– Short term destructive temper

Best activities to Indulge in

– Join health clubs, or at least go there to motivate yourself – Visit places  with high energy – Be more spontaneous – Start new short-term projects to see the results – Accept new challenges – Indulge in sports (besides golfing or billiards!) – Indulge in action-oriented and competitive activities – Implement your ideas rather than just thinking about them – Buy a car or even a bicycle – Take trips – Make friends with daring, energetic, athletic and enthusiastic people – Get involved with something new and different

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