Moon is in the Sign of Capricorn from 13th Noon till Noon 15th June 2014.


This applies to everyone but those born under the sign of Capricorn will be more emotional about their longterm goals.

Capricorn represents your Tenth Need which is your longterm need for Achievement.

Today’s color is Dark Brown.

Moon in Capricorn is Your Need to Experience

– Sense of duty

– Responsibility

– Achievement

– Goal setting

Positive Stimulus

– Increases Perseverance.

– Makes you ambitious

– Makes you goal oriented

– Brings out the Achiever in you

Excessive Stimulus

Although it is important to accept responsibilities, this theme can limit your personal growth if carried to an excess. Be careful of the following:

– Becoming  a workaholic.

– Accepting too many responsibilities

– Too many restrictions

Best activities to Indulge in

– Make a list of all your long-term assets and liabilities

– Cut short any losses and make plans to reduce your debts which may be tying you down

– Decrease your personal responsibilities by delegating some work to others.

– Establish realistic long-term goals

– Write down what you have accomplished so far

– Make friends with those who are self-made and financially successful

– Attend trade shows

Fashion Accessories for Moon in Capricorn

– Dark Brown and black leather and quality but not too flamboyant.