Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon applies to everyone around the world but those born under the sign of Sagittarius will be more into realization of truth now.

Sagittarius represents your Ninth Need which is your need for philosophical values and ideals, travel and interaction with foreign countries.

Today’s color is Deep Blue.

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon indicates that people in general will tend to be more philosophical and forgiving now and a sense of reverence will be in the air.

This is an excellent time for positive motivation seminars, traveling to foreign countries or learning languages.

You will feel more optimistic and lucky but be careful of being overly speculative.

It is easy to motivate others and one of the best times for giving lectures.

Excellent time to look into courses to upgrade yourself and import/export business.

Sagittarius Moon is Your Need to Experience


Sagittarius Moon earings

– Need to understand divine law

– Quest for knowledge and truth

– Universal justice

– Freedom of thought

– Travel and Interaction with Foreigners


Positive Stimulus


Sagittarius Moon show and ring

– Makes you a positive thinker

– Increases hope

– Makes you more philosophical

– Increases faith

– Satisfies need for travel

– Increases thirst for knowledge


Excessive Stimulus

– Opinionated

– Preaching.

– Constant wanderer

Best activities to Indulge in


sag_scarf_handbag_belt– Take trips across the border to another country

– Associate with foreigners and make foreign friends to broaden your horizons

– Learn another language

– Look at the sky for planets and stars or go to a planetarium

– Listen to motivational tapes

– Discuss philosophy and understand religion as a
philosophy of life

– Take courses and workshops on self-improvement

– Get involved with public speaking

– Read self-awareness/astrology books

– Visit colleges and universities

– Speak to students, professors and preachers