Weakness of Your Sun Sign gives you a candid breakdown of the limitations of your Sun Sign. From time to time, you will get into difficult situations with people and knowing something about their basic temperament could really come in handy. Working with a difficult boss, dealing with co-workers, soothing your date/wife/husband, or convincing your skeptical investors, are some examples.

Understanding the Weakness of Your Sun Sign makes you aware that choosing a few wrong words or even a wrong environment to discuss something can lead to misunderstandings. Don’t take someone with Libra planets to a place which is not beautiful and peaceful unless you want to upset them!

Astrology can help you not only understand what motivates a person but also what their weaknesses are. This can help you in two ways i.e. to undermine your competitors or to be careful that you do not make enemies!

However, instead of taking advantage of people just because you know what makes them tick, use this knowledge to make them understand your viewpoint more clearly. Instead of using logic with someone who has Mercury in Pisces, appeal to their sensitivity and give a touching scenario of your life. Flatter a Leo first to improve your chances of being heard!

Aries: Don’t mind their tactlessness, being inconsiderate and jumping the gun. This is one of the most impulsive and impatient signs. They want results right away and get very impatient when they don’t. Pretend that the outcome is not that important. They are sore losers (explosive reaction), so do not play to win if you want them to sign a contract! Don’t try to outshout them and ignore their unfair “rules”.

Don’t give them a challenge or dare them – they will be at their best! Regardless of what went wrong, they tend to blame whoever is closest at the time. Understand this and do not take it seriously. Talking back and arguing will make matters worse. Agree with them right away and then give them your point of view (or they won’t even listen to you). Take the blame if it helps diffuse the crisis. Like all Fire signs, let them cool off first. They do not hold grudges for long.

Taurus: They can be too rigid and unchanging. Their need for routine can make them miss out on opportunities. Act first – they are slow movers! They will fight harder for tangible, monetary or security threatening situations. You need patience and endurance with them. They are very cautious and dislike any form of change.

Taureans prefer solid blue chip investments and realistic plans. They should avoid stocks because by the time they act, the whole market would have changed! Do not give them pie-in-the-sky schemes or sales pitch. Show them actual tangible deals. They love the routine, secure work which is more dependable.

Gemini: They need to focus on a few projects at a time and be less fickle. Do not try to out-talk them! Understand their unpredictability. Rather than accusing them of being involved with too many things, appreciate their versatility. They like short range and intellectually stimulating projects, and hate routine boring work. They move fast and in different directions. Win them over by giving them gadgets! They are convincing on the surface but don’t usually have much depth or set goals, so do not talk about your mission in life. Keep talking and you will get more and more information!

Cancer: Their emotional blackmail (after all that I have done for you) and moodiness are probably their main weaknesses. They easily get hurt and resort to being moody and brooding when things don’t go their way. They do not forget slights but are not really vindictive in a Scorpio way. Confront them out in the open and away from their security base. Take them out to a good restaurant and make sure they are hungry! Then take your time explaining your viewpoint. Play on their nurturing side.

Leo: Their delicate ego and self-admiration can be their biggest downfall. When you deal with them, rehearse your performance but let them give their act first. Flatter them and don’t outshine them! They think of themselves as if they were royalty (some of them certainly merit it) even when they cannot even pay their rent! They exaggerate and talk so big that nobody believes that they really need any help. Appeal to their ego, generosity and class.

Virgo: They are stickler for details but this is also their greatest weakness – they lose their perspective of the overall or bigger issues. To gain an upper hand, keep the major issues clearly in mind and let them become caught up in unimportant details. Don’t criticize or argue, they can easily poke holes into arguments and are very sensitive to any criticism. Keep your place disorganized to drive them crazy and play on their nervous irritability!

Libra: They tend to constantly weigh the pros and cons and are usually noncommittal, so do not expect quick decisions. To gain an upper hand, give them too many choices and confuse them by making them indecisive. Introduce several alternatives. Their campaign will include thinking, planning and communication. Don’t violate their sense of fairness and justice. They will use associates’s help, so enlist a few yourself. They are usually very diplomatic in nature so be tactful yourself.

Scorpio: Their intensity of involvement and hanging on to lost causes are their greatest weakness. It is very difficult for them to get over a relationship or a cause once they get involved in it, and they need to get away from the situation completely to become objective again. They can be very vindictive as an enemy, so try not to bring out hard feelings by avoiding sarcasm. They will uncover all your secrets, so do your own research beforehand.

Sagittarius: Do not overlook details when dealing with them, because this is their greatest weakness. Question their “facts”, data and the basis for their arguments. Show the latest gadgets to distract them. Play on their sense of “Truth” and “Universal Justice”. They can be difficult opponents as they change very fast and can disarm you with their worldly knowledge. However, some of them are truly philosophical so learn to differentiate the good preacher from one who does not practice his teachings! They get bored as soon as the challenge is over and you need to keep showing them some results to keep their interest going.

Capricorn: They can be gold diggers and very much status oriented. They will have a string of degrees if they are Dean of a University but more for the sake of status than knowledge. They can be too materialistic and easily impressed by those who have “made it” in the business world. Every friend is a “contact”. As they are status oriented, threaten to demote. Avoid direct confrontation, it will just make them more determined (Cardinal sign). Usually not unfair – just depressing. Motivate them with longterm goals and material success.

Aquarius: Be prepared for the unexpected and unconventional approaches. Fair loser but can be cooly sarcastic. Avoid traditional, monotonous, boring and routine schedules. They appreciate humanitarian social issues and a sense of community. Appeal to their inventive side and humanitarian instincts. They love new ideas, farout concepts and good humour.

Pisces: This is probably one of the most difficult signs to understand as they can be both the most sympathetic as well as the most unsympathetic of the lot! As long as you have problems, they will help you. Try not to take advantage of their gullibility as they are extremely vulnerable. You can only impress them with your ideals and sensitivity to others. Appeal to their sense of compassion and empathy.

Today’s Moon Forecast

Moon in Sagittarius

crescent moon buttonSagittarius sign glyph symbol

People will tend to be more philosophical and forgiving now and a sense of reverence will be in the air. This is an excellent time for positive motivation seminars, traveling to foreign countries or learning languages. You will feel more optimistic and lucky but be careful of being overly speculative. It is easy to motivate others and one of the best times for giving lectures. Hassan JafferExcellent time to look into courses to upgrade yourself and import/export business. People are more susceptible to low back problems and lung-related illnesses now. Today's color is Deep Blue.