astrocards-iconAstroCards Oracle is one of Hassan Jaffer App which helps you find answers to your questions by using your subconscious and Laws of the Universe.

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How Does AstroCards Oracle Oracle Work?


AstroCards Oracle is based on the premise that For any question you may have, there is always an answer in the Heavens!

It also teaches you astrological principes at the same time. I-ching, Tarot etc are all based on this premise but at least you have some interesting Astrology principles working as well here (Horary Astrology).

You First select a category – Opportunities, Luck & Love and Money. You can also leave the Categories unselected if you want a random answer.

Think of a question. Leave the possibility open that the answers you get may relate to another question rather than the one you are thinking of.

Keep shuffling the cards by clicking on the deck of cards till you feel comfortable.

Click on the cards and read the interpretation by clicking on Show My Reading.

You can select either 1, 3 or 5 cards.




AstroCards Oracle


Allow your subconscious to guide your intuition and use the answers with a grain of salt. This is not really a game just for entertainment as it often gives amazing answers but don’t use it as the only deciding factor.

Use it as an interesting insight to your own intuition. The answers are based on astrological houses and planets so you get to learn astrology as well.

Don’t base important decisions in life based on the AstroCard Oracle alone but use it to access your subconscious mind.

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