There is no such thing as Luck
Luckily there is “AstroTrends”!

AstroTrends is Hassan’s personalized newsletter, by means of which you can gain an upper hand on Nature’s most closely guarded secret…Your Inner Timing.

The possibility that Astrology could answer questions like these has always fascinated all those who were interested in controlling their own destiny. The fact that they were being answered has kept the interest in Astrology going for centuries. The answers to all these questions may lie closer than you ever thought possible…within yourself! Yet only a few make an attempt to understand and use their inner timing to their advantage. The ones everyone calls “Lucky”.

Providing us with his unique insights and guiding us in our quest for a fulfilling life is the distinguished astrologer Hassan Jaffer, who brings his years of research and his unique ability to understand anything with a Divine origin. Hassan combines his artistic and musical talents with his engineering logic and an acute sensitivity to anything which touches human sentiments to make you aware of the most subtle experiences in life. You do not need any knowledge of astrology or your horoscope to use Hassan’s newsletter.

“Astro Trends” is so personalized that your unique Client # (not your name) is published each time an article applies to you! Some of the topics regularly addressed are: Dates for your best opportunities in love or marriage! When can you expect the next lucky phase in your life and in which area? Love? Purchase of property? or Fame and recognition? Other topics include Hassan’s World Predictions, practical application of Palmistry and Astrology, Dream interpretation, and a simple way to apply the Moon’s transits on a daily basis. Other cycles (Mars, Jupiter etc.) will help you establish monthly and yearly goals.

To make good decisions now, you have to have a great insight into the future. AstroTrends gives you all the tools to have that special insight to establish your short term as well as long range goals with full confidence that they are in line with Nature’s timing! “AstroTrends” is the only personalized newsletter in the world and allows Hassan to give specific guidance to his Subscribers and tools for effective planning on a monthly basis.

Topics include his famous World Predictions, and practical application of both Palmistry and Astrology. Join Hassan’s Free Newsletter: As well as publishing the Client Numbers of our Subscribers for Specific information. There are many articles which apply to everyone, but the timing of events is what makes this service unique. For example, we may write an article about Venus in your first house and you can just read the article if you already know where Venus was when you were born. However, if you would like to subscribe to our online AstroTrends newsletter, then we will actually scan your chart and publish your Client # when an article applies to you.

The topics will include Your best time to travel or buying a car, your windfall periods (Mars/Jupiter aspects), you best timing for relationships and love, your most deceptive period in love matters, your best time for buying or selling a house etc.


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