Your testing period in love, marriage, relationships are based on adverse aspects by Saturn to your natal Venus.


What to Expect during an Adverse Saturn-Venus Transit

Here are some ways to offset an adverse Saturn-Venus aspect (what you are born with or a transit (what you are going through for a period of time):

• Most marriages go through a trying period now and it is time to take a hard look at it.

• You feel as if nobody cares for you, and very few people will make you feel wanted!

• Besides marriage, this is also a major test of your friendships. You will find out who you can trust in the long run and who you cannot.

• If you are able to weather the storm, the relationship will become even stronger.

• You will find out who your enemies are and those who try to undermine your interests.

• Your timing is not the best, so don’t jeopardize your relationship by refusing to compromise.

• Do not expect your love to be reciprocated during this period, and do not hold it against those you love if they are being very aloof.

• You may fall in love with an older person who is married or lives somewhere else.

• Do not set yourself up for disappointments in love by involving yourself in a restrictive or long distance relationship.

• This transit increases your need to become more realistic in your relationship. Make long term changes and adjustments accordingly.

• In fashion, you will prefer conservative and darker shades in clothing now.

• Most of you who are going through this transit had similar events about seven years ago.

• Being pregnant or going through a celibacy phase is also reflective of this transit.

• This is not the most fertile period for having children unless you are already expecting.

• Marriages started during this transit have more restrictions or difficulties, probably because family members (or the culture and society) oppose your love or do not help you in the beginning stages of the relationship.

• One way to offset this transit is to become involved with sculpture, ceramics, pottery, landscaping and interior design, or to take trade courses in art and fashion.

• This period often coincides with relationships with Capricorn or business-oriented partner.


What If You Are Born With An Adverse Saturn-Venus Aspect?

If you were born with a Saturn Venus aspect, then all the qualities mentioned above will apply to you all your life. You will have deep feelings but may find it difficult to express your emotions.

There are certain ways to offset the Saturn Venus aspect in your relationships i.e. marriage to an older or very mature person or someone who is a dentist, chiropractor or involved with landscaping and building construction. With a Venus-Saturn aspect, you will be drawn to those who have some restrictions e.g. either they are married or live in a different city etc.

The following Public Figures were born with an adverse Venus/Saturn aspect :

Public Figures: Britney Spears, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, Lisa Marie Presley, Mitt Romney, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, Paul Anka.

If you are born with Venus in Capricorn, then many of the points mentioned above will apply to you as well as Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. There love is more of a responsibility and bound by duty. There is a lonely element about them and it is difficult for them to share their emotions or express them easily. It is easier for them to give material things instead of love and they also value material assets (big houses like the Grace Manor of Elvis and the Cadillacs he used to give as gifts).

Some of the Public Figures born with Venus in Capricorn are:

Beethoven (deep emotions and “funeral march”), Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, Mel Gibson, Maria Callas, Britney Spears, Myley Cyrus, Taylor Swift.



Your testing period in love, marriage, relationships are based on adverse aspects by Saturn to your natal Venus.


glyph_venusVenus rules all matters pertaining to love (and money!) and can affect the lives of people in many ways. If you are having problems in your marriage, it affects your family, your career and also your finances. This article will give you some insight into what kind of experiences to expect, why do you make them happen and how to offset them. Client numbers of Subscribers going through a testing Saturn/Venus transit are also given.

First of all, recognize that you actually set yourself up for these transits! Planetary transits are not causing anything to happen, they merely reflect your inner changes and experiences. If you consciously understand your subconscious needs, it will help you understand the reasoning behind even your most difficult experiences in life.

Venus basically represents love, relationships (and social popularity), your financial status, and your attitude towards art, fashion, clothing etc.


Saturn reflects those events which always make you more responsible and disciplined in life. Depending on the planet it is expecting, the test may be of your love life, your career or even your health. A Saturn aspect to your Venus inhibits your social life but increases your need for long term commitment. Saturn cuts down romance and fantasy and makes you more responsible in your marriage, relationships and friendships.


A Saturn/Venus transit may be just what you need to make your marriage more practical or to increase your commitment. You start feeling lonely and want to settle down with one person and to accept all the responsibilities that go with the relationship. This transit dampens your romance only if it is too idealistic. You may start working together and sharing more of your goals. Saturn’s transit seldom lasts more than one year but it will come back in seven years!

Although we are dealing with the adverse transits of Saturn here, any transit from Saturn to your natal Venus (all Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed) will decrease your social popularity. Saturn represents older or Capricorn partners, father (or matronly) figures and those who are workaholics or involved in the business.

It is important to understand that although a Saturn aspect to your Venus usually brings you back to reality, it often follows a deceptive period in love where you have been looking at the world through rose-colored glasses (Bill Clinton). Similarly, it usually follows a period of financial splurges, thus forcing you to become more frugal and careful in your finances.

This transit as a testing period, not a failure! Whether you pass this test or not depends entirely on yourself and your ability to face your duties and responsibilities. On the positive side, this is an excellent time to lose weight (loneliness can also make you lose your appetite!).

Saturn makes adverse aspects to your natal Venus at least once every seven years. We hope you do not find your Client # in the lists that accompany this article! However, if you do find it, then just try to understand and learn from the reasoning behind events instead of feeling depressed.