Are You Prone to Addictions, Obsessions, and Scandals?

You may have noticed that some people are more prone to fraud and scandals than others. Healthwise, they have more allergies and also have to be extra careful with problems relating to the immune system.

You may have also noticed that some individuals are born with obsessive tendencies (workaholics) and can easily get into all forms of physical addictions.

Both of these usually have one thing in common – they are all born with a Mars-Neptune aspect or are going through it by transit. Mars in Pisces by itself can also (“ruled” by Neptune).

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Adverse Mars Neptune Aspects Lead To the Following: 

•    Addictions i.e. alcohol, drugs or Valium
•    Bad allergic reactions to medication
•    Infections and the common cold
•    Danger through poison, animals and insect bites.
•    Danger through lakes and ocean (even drowning). Don’t take chances in storms
•    Underhanded activities
•    Setting oneself up for scandals
•    Fraudulent deals
•    Acting upon wrong hunches
•    Mental stress from children
•    Danger through kidnapping
•    Jail or institutions
•    Misunderstandings
•    Audits leading to back taxes
•    Trusting the wrong people
•    Betrayal by friends
•    Nightmares and mental stress
•    Incest or immoral relations
•    Unplanned and out of wedlock pregnancies
•    Affairs which  get caught
•    Obsessions which reduce the immune system of the body
•    Stress-related illnesses.
•    People trying to frame you or blaming you and making you feel morally guilty
•    Being caught accepting bribes or giving them and subsequent feelings of guilt.

How to Offset an Adverse Mars/Neptune Aspect or Transit:
(Read this even if you are going through a Positive transit)

Recognize that this is a habit forming aspect. If it is because of transit, then whatever you do during this period will become a long-term habit. So consciously try to cultivate good habits. Addictions, obsessions, and scandals, if they are related to an adverse aspect of Mars and Neptune in your natal chart or by transit, lead to the following:

•    Healthwise, the adverse transit makes you feel tired and
•    Reduces the immune system of the body and you are more prone to get a cold
•    You don’t heal fast enough.
•    You need to do everything in moderation and pace yourself
•    Get enough rest and take antioxidants like Vitamin E and carrot juice
•    Avoid worrying too much otherwise that itself will become a habit
•    Avoid illegal or immoral activities
•    Join a health club and exercise
•    Get involved in physical activity
•    Go out instead of staying in and moping.
•    If you smoke,  then this is a great time to quit but do it slowly to avoid bad reactions.
•    you can control yourself now then you will be able to stop,
•    Take bubble baths and listen to classical music. Refrain from negative thoughts.
•    You also need to be very careful of children getting lost, choking or swimming accidents and allergic reactions.
•    Be careful of fraud while signing documents
•    Clarify any misunderstandings before they build up.
•    Be careful of unplanned pregnancies!
•    People get caught now if they do anything wrong and the tide usually turns against
•    Avoid any gossip now or it will backfire.
•    Protect yourself spiritually by not watching horror movies with twisted plots
•    Don’t read Stephen King’s books or you will have nightmares and stimulate upheavals
in your own life.
•    Be close to nature, parks, and sunsets.
•    Offer a prayer but avoid religious intoxication.
•    Avoid hypnosis, occult and psychic matters as you cannot separate Truth from fantasy
now and are more gullible.

Famous People With An Adverse Mars-Neptune

The following Public Figures are born with an adverse Mars/Neptune aspect and need to control their obsessions and habits before they lose their free choice:

Some examples of People with Adverse Mars/Neptune Aspects: Here are some examples of the people who were born with adverse Mars/Neptune aspects. Although they were able to sublimate their obsessive nature through work, they often miscalculated or acted on wrong hunches and went through many of the themes listed above:

•    Beethoven (hearing loss became a nightmare for him in conducting)
•   Copernicus (proving that the Earth revolved around the Sun became a nightmare because of the church)
•    Sammy Davis Jr.
•    Alfred Hitchcock (shared his nightmares with others)
•    Randolph Hearst (daughter Patty was kidnapped)
•    George Patton (witnessed destruction in WWII)
•    Oscar Wilde (scandals)
•    Infamous Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper.
•    James Hoffa
•    Jean Harlow (Mars-Neptune aspect when the plane crashed)
•   England’s Queen Elizabeth II (who had her share of nightmares, mental stress and
scandals due to her children)
•    Walt Disney (built fantasy for children)
•    Ted Kennedy (drowning of secretary)
•    Liz Taylor (addictions), John Lennon (feelings of betrayal and walking into a trap)
•     Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger (music but also drugs)
•    Arthur Miller (who directed his obsessive tendencies into ballroom dancing)
•     Joseph Stalin, Edgar Hoover of CIA and George Bush (covert activities and both
responsible for countless deaths)
•    Leonardo da Vinci (workaholic artist)
•    Nostradamus ( the doomsday prophet who mostly saw disasters but they still believe even his wrong prophecies!).

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