When is your luckiest time for love, relationships and wealth?

Are relationships destined and will you ever find your soulmate?

Does everyone have a made-in-heaven match somewhere in the world?

What kind of a relationship is that supposed to be, which everyone seems to talk about but never really discusses in depth!


Astrologically, there is nothing in Nature which recognizes a marriage! If two people meet, fall madly in love with each other and then one of them passes away, it is all gone. On the other hand, if you have a child, then regardless of whether you like each other or not, both your genes will show up in your great grandchildren a hundred years from now! Culture seems to play a very important part in keeping a relationship together but unfortunately, especially in the West, nobody seems to care and it is just left to the individuals. Of course, it is fine if the relationship was not good, to begin with, but we are talking about simple disagreement which leads to breakups. We will deal with that in another topic relating to Saturn-Venus transits.

Although it depends on your chart and where Venus was when you were born, different planets touch off your Venus and modify your behavior for the duration of the transit. If you are born with a Venus Neptune aspect, you can never really be faithful to one person. You will always be after an illusion and if you don’t find romance in marriage, you will look for it elsewhere. If Neptune makes an aspect to your Venus by transit, then you will become infatuated with love for the duration of that transit (2 to 4 years).

Similarly, Jupiter increases your need to have a good time but without wedding_rajaany sense of commitment. Unlike Saturn which gives a sense of duty and responsibility, Jupiter gives you a playboy playgirl quality. Of course, not everyone is going to become like that but the opportunities for new relationships will be there.


When transiting Jupiter makes an aspect to your natal Venus (all Subscribers who have their Client numbers listed below), then you will experience:

• This is one of the best aspects of romance and marriage proposals. However, it does not necessarily mean a commitment.

• You are drawn to foreigners and those who you meet while traveling.

• Besides marriage, this is also an excellent transit for making new friends.

• You meet people who are usually quite well off and involved with the law, philosophy, education, import/export, and transportation.

• Your social popularity as well as your wealth increases.

• Recognize that your timing is excellent, so make a conscious effort to improve your marriage or friendships.

• You will buy more designer clothes (just be careful of too many splurges).

• This is the best time to update your wardrobe and to get skin products and new perfumes. Your taste improves, becomes more expensive and there is also a luck element in buying clothes at better prices.

• This transit increases your internal need to choose the right person for love, friendship and happy relationships.

• This is one of the most fertile periods for having children (especially girls).

• Marriages started during this transit usually have a very happy ending.

• This transit often coincides with meeting the perfect person while traveling or proposals from foreign countries

• You will become more interested in interior design, art, and fashion.

• Your finances will improve but so will your splurges. Be careful that you do not overindulge in luxury and comfort.

• You will have to watch weight gain and a craving for sugar. Note: Your Client number may appear in more than one list. For couples, suffix A is for the husband and B for the wife.

The following Subscribers have Venus in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.


What If You Are Born With A Jupiter-Venus Aspect?

If you are born with a Jupiter Venus aspect, then all the qualities mentioned in this article will apply to you all your life.

You will be drawn to foreigners or those who travel a lot and are philosophical in nature. You will also attract those who are quite wealthy and involved with law, education or transportation. You might have a tendency to put on weight easily and will have to fight against procrastination. In terms of business, you should focus on wholesale buying and selling as opposed to retail, of some product which is artistic in nature and is used to beautify self or the environment.

The following Celebrities and Public Figures were born with a Venus-Jupiter aspect: (this is also an indication of luck with wealth).

Aishwarya Rai, Paul Allen, Suri Cruise, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, Johnny Depp, Kate Middleton, Madonna, Prince, Yanni. Bollywood stars John Abraham, Karina Kapoor, and Shahrukh Khan.

Jupiter Transiting Your Seventh House (Marriage)

Those of you who I or J column in the Moon Magic have Jupiter moving into your 7th house of marriage from July 2004 till Oct. 2005. This is also an excellent time for marriage especially if you are involved with someone who you meet while traveling, or is from a foreign land and is rather philosophical and travels a lot or teaches.

You will also make many new friends who will help you with your goals in life. This transit is similar to Jupiter aspecting Venus so all the points mentioned in this article (especially about relationships) will apply.

Jupiter Transiting Your Fifth House (Love, Children, and Speculation)

ringIf you have Jupiter moving into your 5th house, this-this is an excellent time for love matters (engagements) especially if you are involved with someone who is rather philosophical and travels a lot or teaches.

babyThis transit is similar to Jupiter making an aspect to Venus so all the points mentioned in this article (especially about relationships) will apply. This transit also coincides with the time when you are lucky with stocks and speculation.

This transit is also one of the best transits for speculation and having children.

One of the best ways to check when you are getting any of the aspects mentioned in Your Timing tab on our site is to the subscriber to AstroCalendar & Oracle. It also gives you the timing and how long do these transits last.



Here is the astrological sign of a Jupiter transit to your natal Venus in our newsletters before. So instead of going through all the explanations, we will just give a brief summary and then list the Client numbers of Subscribers who are going through these lucky transits.


glyph_venusVenus basically represents love, relationships, and your social popularity. Secondly, it is reflective of your financial status especially the opportunities for making money from what you enjoy most. Venus also reflects your attitude towards art, fashion, and clothing etc.

glyph_jupiterJupiter represents the opportunist side of your nature. It is the “luck” element in everyone’s chart and its transits increase your likelihood of taking advantage of the situation at hand (depending on the house and planet being “touched off”).  Jupiter making an aspect to your Venus increases your fun-loving nature and the willingness to increase your social life.



1- Any transit from Jupiter to your natal Venus (all Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed below) will increase your social popularity.

2-You will meet those who will make you very happy in love.

3- Your existing relationship will improve.

4- You will have more money but also more splurges (money that is not usually hard earned is also spent much faster!).

5- You will buy expensive clothing, jewelry and perfumes (all of which may increase your popularity as well!).

This is one of the luckiest times for relationships and love matters. This is the time to meet your made-in-heaven match, and your social life improves. Even for existing relationships, this is an excellent time for patching up any differences.

The main drawback of a Jupiter-Venus transit is a tendency to procrastinate and weight gain. You will have a craving for sugar and sweets so make sure that you keep it in control if you do not wish to put on too much weight. You will also feel rich whether you can afford it or not, so watch your financial splurges!

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