There are at least six different types of Most Romantic Love which correspond to the aspects of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars to your natal Venus at birth or by transit.

We have analyzed the obsessive and fated Pluto/Venus type of love in a different article. Here we will discuss the most romantic love and inspirational type of love that poets dream about, and which is experienced by those of you who are either born with a Neptune/Venus aspect or are going through it by transit.

eros_psycheEveryone goes through this Romeo and Juliet type of love at some point in their life, but luckily without the same ending! Think of the full Moon, the Arabian Nights, belly dancers, flute, poetry, flowery writing, scandals, sorrow in love, sentimental movies and sad instruments, and you will have a good idea of Venus Neptune aspects! The famous painting of Eros and Psyche also reflects this type of idealistic love.

We will discuss both the positive and negative aspects from Neptune to your natal Venus (which you are born with), as well as the positive and adverse aspects to your natal Venus that you may be experiencing for about three to five years because of Neptune’s transit.


What to Expect during a Positive Neptune-Venus Transit

Here are some ways to offset an adverse Neptune-Venus aspect (what you are born with or a transit (what you are going through for a period of time). Even when Neptune makes a positive aspect to your natal Venus (all Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed in this article), then you should be aware of the following:

• In your search for ideal love, make sure that you are not falling in love with the illusion that a person projects rather than the person with all the human frailties.

• You will attract partners who are extremely musical or artistic or have escapist tendencies like alcohol. They may be like saints or con artists or a combination of both!

• You will have to be careful of deceptive relationships especially with those who are married or separated but not divorced.

• You will be drawn to partners with a lot of age difference – both older and younger.

• If you do not find romance in marriage, you will look for it elsewhere.

• This is an excellent aspect for romance because romance thrives on deception!

• If you are not born with a Neptune/Venus aspect but are going through it by transit, then be careful that you do not disrupt your marriage for the sake of some deceptive romance.

• This transit makes you look at the world through rose-colored glasses.

• After this transit is over, you will become much more sensitive to everything pertaining to love matters.

• You will be drawn to musicians, artists, priests, and healers but avoid those who are involved with alcohol and drugs or have deep psychological problems.

• This period often coincides with meeting the perfect person but who is married!

• You will set yourself up for disappointment to stimulate your inspirational side.

• The best way to offset this transit is to get involved with something which satisfies your inspirational side and acute sensitivity to love e.g. dancing, music, art, even gardening or flower decoration.

If You Are Born With Venus in Pisces

All the points mentioned for the Neptune-Venus aspects in this article apply to those who have Venus in Pisces because Pisces is “ruled” by Neptune.

This is one of the most sensitive and romantic placements of Venus. These people are very easily hurt in love and constantly search for ideal love. They often have a talent for the arts and music but do not have the discipline.

Casanova was born with Venus in Pisces (he also played the violin). Women with Venus in Pisces seem to have an air of helpless vulnerability and seductive aura.

Being a dual sign, they get over love matters easily but never seem to find the “made in heaven” match they seek. Venus in Pisces is excellent for ballet, belly dancing, playing the flute, poetry and playing sad instruments.

The following Public Figures have Venus in Pisces:

Cassanova, Drew Barrymore, One Direction singer Zayn Malik,

Are You Born With A Positive Aspect
Between Neptune and Venus?

Those of you who are born with a positive aspect between Venus and Neptune (sextile, semi-sextile or trine) will have a similar attitude towards love as those who have Venus in Pisces (mentioned on page 4), except that you will not be as emotional (unless you also have Venus in Pisces!). You will be drawn to the Pisces type of partners i.e. those who are extremely sensitive and romantic, musical or artistic, or those involved with healing professions.



There will be a mysterious element to your relationships as if you are living in a fantasy world but in a positive way. You will project a seductive aura and your romance will be of a spiritual and platonic type.

The following Public Figures were born with a positive aspect between Venus and Neptune:


Venus represents your attitude toward love, marriage, and relationships. It also represents your romantic side which response to art, beauty, and aesthetics. The house position of Venus shows the areas where you are likely to find your love affairs e.g. Venus in your third house indicates love in your neighborhood.

glyph_neptuneNeptune adds inspiration to the nature of the planet it touches. It gives an almost ethereal quality to love when it aspects Venus. Neptune blurs the distinction between truth and fantasy, so you need to be very careful that you do not set yourself up for sorrow in love matters later on.

A Neptune/Venus aspect increases your seductive aura and makes you more photogenic (many actors are born with this). It also adds to one’s artistic sensitivity and musical sense.

These aspects are excellent for modeling, acting (projecting fantasy on the screen), art, music, and photography. However, when it comes to love and marriage, those with Neptune/Venus aspects look at the world through rose-colored glasses and keep falling in love with the wrong person.

Being too idealistic in love, they have unrealistic expectations of their partner. They either never marry because nobody fits their ideal, or if relationships are important to them, they keep going from one person to another to find the “made in heaven” match.

An adverse Venus-Neptune aspect is considered to be one of the major signs of sorrow because of the unrealistic expectations that these people have for their objects of love. However, it gives more sacrificing ability in relationships as well.