Palmistry: Mysteries of Your Hands

What do the lines on your hands mean?

Are they just created by the folds of your hands as medicine would have you believe?

If this were the case, then why does a pianist  have many more lines than a farmer?

Is there any purpose for them and what kind of intelligence is behind them? Why do lines mostly change on the hand that you write with?

What does it mean if you have a long Life Line but a Line of Hepatica cuts it off? How do you read age on your hands?

Find out more as we go along…

I am starting a new section on Palmistry which used to be my passion when I was in my 20s but got into astrology for more accuracy in terms of timing etc. AstroPalmistry is the most powerful tool of Nature as Astrology shows your highest potential and Palmistry shows if you will actually live up to it or not! The changing dynamics of your life are accurately reflected on your hands and while I have written several books on Palmistry (Revelations of the Hands series), I am taking just a few points and making them into several eBooks which you can apply right away.

I will be discussing all this and much more in the Palmistry and Astro-Palmistry sections.

We will give you some of the best analysis based on astrology and palmistry, the real art and science and not the hocus pocus you read in the papers. We invite everyone to give their opinions and Astrologers and Palmists for their insight as well.

We are especially interested in the scientific analysis as well and welcome anyone with a sceptical perspective to really question our data so we can respond objectively.

albert-einstein-left-handHow does Einstein’s hand reveal that he was more interested in the challenge of solving a cosmic riddle rather than just issues on the Earth? How does it clearly show his need to break free from tradition?

Everyone probably things that Einstein was a very patient person but his hand shows otherwise. What is the indication on his hand that the only way he could keep his incredible focus was if the challenge was still there and he saw the results at each step of the way –  a crucial insight for any parent of a child who has ADD!

What does the Head Line origin in Einstein’s and Beyonce’s hand have in common? How does it show both of them to be a bit rebellious, action oriented and wanting to take on new challenges all the time?

albert-einstein-violin Beyoncé-KnowlesHands_ecu_500

What does your Head Line reveal as to your approach to life and why is it so crucial that you understand this very basic foundation of Palmistry? You will be able to instantly recognize why any public figure behaves the way they do as they wave to the crowd!

george clooney

How does George Clooney’s Head Line show that he is a somewhat of a “mama’s boy”?  That he cares too much about the “consequences” of his action and needs to take more chances. What is the single most important quality he is looking for in the ideal woman and why does he keep picking the wrong choice.


Is the great Sharukh Khan of the Bollywood movies really “acting” a role very different to his true nature when he plays the hero who breaks every rule?

shahrukh_khan_handIs he a cautious person in real life or does he really have a devil-may-care attitude that he so successfully projects on the screen?

In fact, what do Amitabh Batchchan, Salman Khan and Sharukh Khan have in common? All of them have been the top leading actors and yet their hands show them having a very different personality in real life!  One glance at  their hands  and you will be able to see all these things very clearly in our eBook Leaders and Followers.


tom_cruise_rightHow does the Head Line of Tom Cruise immediately show that he was completely natural as the maverick ace pilot in Top Gun and was just acting his own personality?

What kind  of moves are the best for different actors? Can we see this right away from the simple lines of their hands? All this in our latest eBook Leaders and Followers!


obama_smiling_wavingHow does President Barack Obama’s Hand show that he definitely has the single most important ingredient to be a motivational speaker? How does it also clearly indicate that he doesn’t really care for other people’s opinion?! That he has the hand of someone who will bring about major changes in the system.



Aishwariya Rai

It would take you less than a minute to figure out how the dashing Bollywood actress Aishwariya Rai settled in her role as a wife, mother and daughter-in-law so naturally!

What makes most Bollywood actresses look so feminine even as they play the role of those who are breaking their tradition? What does their hand reveal in terms of their closeness to their family?


Angelena Jolie

How is Angelina Jolie completely different from Aishwariya Rai even though she is a very good mother? Why does she mostly play action roles and why is she so natural at them? What is a “natural style” of an actor in terms of playing the role of one who is law abiding and follows the rules or one who  is constantly breaking them? Why are some actors is constantly in trouble with the law?



My latest eBook Leaders and Followers will be out very soon and we will let you know as soon as it is ready on Amazon and iTunes. We have five books coming out very soon but the eBook will be the first one where I have only taken two points  and elaborated on them with real life experiences and pictures of celebrities that are in the news.

This is guide which will help parents understand their children better, select the right teachers, coaches, help everyone vote for the type of leader who is actually behind the hype and PR and for everyone else to find the right lifestyle for themselves in terms of their career or the choice of life partner.




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