Origin of the Head Line in Palmistry is the single most important element which has the potential to change the educational system, sports (selection of athletes and coaches), politics, jury selection, in fact every area of our life!

I have seen many books on Palmistry and all of them have hundreds of points about different aspects of hands, fingers, lines etc. Now I have taken just two points i.e. Origin of the Head Line with respect to the Life life (Head line joined or separate) and elaborated them in such a way that people can apply the rules to themselves or others immediately. This will be coming out in my new book Leaders and Followers or Follow the Leader!

Here I want to discuss some of the main points in the book and welcome any comments especially as this would apply to your own life and your field of specialty.

My aim is to make you realize how easy it is to spot the differences in the two types and that even if you share the same interests, your core being and approach will never change.

After going through these articles, you will be able to look at your own or anyone else’s hands and after checking the Origin of the Head Line with respect to the Life Line be able to instantly answer the following:

Does the person like to take the lead or are they the type of person who likes to follow?

Do they like to do things at the last minute or do they plan everything in advance?

Do they have the ability to convince others with their enthusiasm?

Are they action oriented or do they wait for others to push them in the right direction?

Are they daring and adventurous and willing to take chances? or

Are they too cautious and miss out on opportunities because of their hesitation?

Origin of the Head Line – Variations

The premise is very simple as all divine laws are. There are basically TWO variations of the Origin of the Head Line,  but first let me define some of the important essentials you need to understand.

First of all, in Palmistry, you always read the hand that you write with. You mayb be left-handed for everything else, but if you write with your right hand then that is the hand you would read.

The reason for it is simple, because after all it is only your thoughts which directly influence these lines. When you are writing  your thoughts are more focused and directly affect the lines of your hands. This is why even prayers can alter your lines as they directly influence your thought process!

Two Variations in the Origin of the Head Line

There are two distinct approaches to life which are reflected in just how joined or separated the Head line is from the Life line. The Head line is also often referred to as the Brain line.

The Life line is the circular line which goes all around the thumb. The Head line is just above it and divides the palm in half. We are only concerned with its origin which is near the Life line.

Origin of the Head Line: Head Line Joined

As a rule, the closer the Head line is to the Life line, the more you are attached to your family, the home and your roots.

head line joined

 Origin of the Head Line : Head Line Joined (extreme)

The more joined the Head line is along the Life line, as in the example below, the more attached you will be to your mother as well. When it is joined halfway across the Life line, then you may be the perfect “mama’s boy” and I am sure most mothers would love that!

head line joined extreme

This is much more common in the hands of women than men and it is important for them to do some fun activities so that they are not so dependent on others.

This is definitely not the hand of someone who should be playing with the stock market as by the time they act, the market would have changed.  They are emotionally dependent and need blue chip investments to satisfy their security conscious nature.

Origin of the Head Line : Head Line Separate

The further apart the Head line is from the Life line, the more independent and action oriented you will be.

head line separate

Origin of the Head Line: Head Line Widely Separate

head line separate wide

The further apart the Head Line is from the Life Line, the more daring and adventurous the individual.  To some extent the individual can be wild and too daring.

They have difficulty with man-made rules unless they seem fair to them and they are not willing to have others dictate any terms to them. These individuals think-outside- the-box. They seem to respond to some kind of divine principle, the rules of which they keep modifying themselves.

Two Opposite Approaches

Those with their Head Line joined are more aware of  their limitations and flaws whereas those with their Head Line separate are mainly aware of (and also focus on) their best qualities and attributes. In fact, one of their problems is that not only do they not recognize their own limitations but also those imposed by society.

We are mostly going to discuss the Head line joined and the Head line widely separate as they represent the best  example of these two opposite types. Head line separate  but not widely so is a very positive indication but not dynamic enough to display the true nature of the person.

The best analogy of the two extremes is a horse which is tethered to a carriage and the wild stallion which is  more of a  thoroughbred. One is very useful for daily work and the routines of our society while the other is more exciting and represents the pure spirit of freedom and independence

Two Types of People

Although there are some variations in between, we are focussing on the Head line joined (moderately) and separate (wide).  Whether you have the Head line joined for quite a long way or just a little, you will still be cautious and deliberate in your ways.  However, when the Head is really far from the Life line, then the action oriented side will be more obvious and that is why we want to base  our entire analysis on these two types.

When you see children playing in the school yard at recess, you have  an idea off the Head line separate.  Almost everyone is like that even if they have the Head line joined. They are impulsive, more fun loving, have big dreams, are enthusiastic about little things in life,   they don’t care  whether their parents can pay the bills or not,  and they just run around and laugh a lot.

Except for  the fact that  those with the Head lines joined are still a bit hesitant and more shy as children, the attitude and enthusiasm of children is almost universal. Imagine if some of these children never grow out of their ability to want instant gratification, to have an infectious enthusiasm and never to lose hope, then you have an idea of a person who has the Head line separate.  This is the hand of Einstein whose Head line was totally separate and he always took on new challenges and didn’t focus on the difficulty of the problem but the simplicity of its  solution.

Meaning of the Head Line joined or Separate

The two main variations represent the two sides of Yin and the Yang principles!

Some of you may take offence when gender gets involved especially if the man look quite macho but is still not very “daring” when it comes to spending a lot of money on useless gadgets!

Although it is best described as a masculine and a feminine approach, the more accurate  description of the two types would be passive  and aggressive or non-confrontational and confrontational, cautious and daring in action but this is more of an impulsive nature rather than daring in combat. I will write this in more details later on in another article but let us see  how the two types are reflected in our society and how it creates problems.

Anybody with Head line joined will be more doubtful and aware of their  limitations. It doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman. however, it is much more common for women to have their Head line joined than separate, which is why most women tend to doubt themselves so much and accept limitations of their family, or career or society much more readily than men.

I don’t think there is a hormonal base to this as much as this has something to do with the neurological pathways.  I have seen extremely feminine women to be very action oriented and whose chart shows the confidence which is not a result of a higher testosterone level only.

How Do We Apply This Knowledge

Starting with the children and how they learn, the most important thing to understand is the teaching method.  Unfortunately, the entire educational system is normally designed by those who have their Head line joined and is geared to that one type only.  It is very sequential and focuses on building the steps one by one which is fine except the approach is very boring for those with the Head  line separate.

Now there is no problem for students with the Head line joined as they have a natural predisposition to listen and obey and follow rules and do their homework.  The problem is only with those who have  their Head line separate as they need things to keep their interest going.

The need the challenge and they need to see the results right away.  Let  me give you an example.  Head line joined is better for conservatory but the Chord method or the Suzuki method of learning the piano is much suited for the Head line separate.

If you need to learn a guitar chord and all you are interested is the A minor chord, isn’t it much easier just to go on the YouTube and Google and find the answers right away?

The World becoming like An ADD Child!

YouTube, Google, instant answers, faster technology, this is exactly what those with Head Line separate thrive on. The education system is being left behind in its approach to teaching and is lagging behind the times. You never had a six year old child playing on the iPad or the  iPhone before. More and more college textbooks are being available now on tablets instead of heavy hardcover books that you have to carry. The whole world is changing and the new generation is not going to be receptive to old way of sequential learning.

Those with Head line joined are being left behind as the system and technology become faster and faster and the emphasis is on user friendly and visual interphase. It is like the Mac thinking as opposed to DOS and PC thinking (even with Win 7 it still engages the brain too much).

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Palmistry by Hassan Jaffer

Plamistry: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers has Advice to Parents, Teachers, Coaches, Players, Acting, Actors, Politicians, Speakers and much more.

You need a combination of both yin and yang, one to motivate and the other to do the daily practice.


My latest eBook Leaders and Followers: Rule Makers and Rule Breakers is out and ready on Amazon. This eBook is the first in a series of self-help ones where I have only taken two points  and elaborated on them with real life experiences and pictures of celebrities who are in the news.

Based on the Origin of the Head Line with respect to the Life Line, this is guide which will help parents understand their children better, select the right teachers, help coaches select the right players for forwards or defense, help everyone vote for the real leader behind the hype and PR.

It will also help everyone find the right lifestyle for themselves in terms of their career as well as the choice of their life partner…all based on just one single element of palmistry… Origin of the Head Line with respect to the Life Line!

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