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Your Temperament: The Four Elements

Elements is a fast way to assess the personality and your temperamental balance

Fire (red) = Need for action. Confidence. Love of challenge and to see results.

Earth (brown) = Stability and need for security (houses, secure job, saving account etc). Practicality. Hard Work. Routine.

Air (sky Blue) = Communication and sense of humor. Planning and conceptual ideas. Ability to be objective.

Water (green) = Emotions and sensitivity. Compassion and empathy displayed in an emotional manner.

Combinations of Elements

Fire and Earth

Steamroller combination. Fire needs challenges and Earth gives the stamina and endurance to continue long enough to achieve something in a tangible way. This is the toughest combination and makes a person take on many projects with a lot of enthusiasm and makes one very productive. However, you need to be considerate of others who may not be able to keep up with you.

Fire and Air

This is a natural combination for any work involving Public Relations, as they love new challenges and are articulate and communicate well. It makes one very independent but may lack a certain amount of emotional sensitivity and not much patience for those who play emotional games.

Fire and Water

This combination makes one very passionate but also more volatile. They can be the life  of a party then become reclusive. Emotional fireworks are common and this is what most of the operas and theatrical plays consist of.

Earth and Air

This is a classic aspect for Creative Problem Solving. Earth gives the stamina to endure boring figures and Air gives the intellectual capacity for reasoning and theories. Many Financial analysts and Accountants are born with this. It is rather a dry combination but well suited for the corporate world of business and financial deals.

Earth and Water

This is the most healing and nurturing combination. These are the people who have  a need to save others and a cause to motivate themselves. Water gives the empathy, compassion and feelings and being sensitive to the needs of others, and Earth gives the ability to do something practical and productive about it.  Everyone can feel for the beggar on the street but people with this combination will give them something to eat also.

Air and Water

This is the hallmark of a natural psychologist. Water gives an acute sensitivity,  empathy and compassion to understand the person without saying a single word and Air gives the ability to stand back and look at a problem from a totally objective viewpoint. Dr. Joyce Brothers was also born with this combination.


Your Focus

This is a fast way to assess if you are Self-Oriented, Group-Oriented or People-Oriented.

Cardinal = Good for having your own business. Higher number shows how much self oriented you are and wanting to get your way. This is the key element when people go into their own business. However, it can create strain in a marriage where there is less inter-dependency.

Fixed = These people are Group-Oriented. Anyone who deals with large number of people and needs fixidity of purpose and tenacity. These individuals are excellent in group settings and as CEOs as opposed to having their own business.. For example Obama and Bill Clinton have both been the Presidents of USA but don’t have their own business.

Mutable = Excellent for working with the people e.g. counselors, psychologists and for adaptability. It shows how flexible you are. Higher score indicates more flexibility, adaptability and versatility. However, it also takes away from fixidity of purpose and going from one project to another. It is excellent for teachers and counselors and multitasking.


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