Horoscope Analysis of Dimash Kudaibergen

Horoscope analysis of Dimash Kudaibergen who is an extremely talented singer from Kazakstan. When you watch his performance, you are immediately captivated by the range of his voice as well as the emotional intensity and the versatility of his range. I have analyzed many great singers Dimash doesn’t fall into the normal category at all.

Dimash has mercury in Gemini, which gives the agility and versatility to his voice.

Moon in Scorpio close to Pluto in Scorpio gives the dark, sensual intimacy he is able to conjure. It also represents the symbology of life and death events and transformation like in the Swans video. Lady Gaga also has the same Moon cnj Plut on Scorpio and she was born just a few months before him. We hope he doesn’t go to the extremes she goes into though especially with the wardrobe. In his case, he will prefer the dark colors and the night time.

Here is my analysis of Dimash Kudaibergen‘s horoscope on YouTube:

Original video based on 7:30 am

Updated video based on 7:30 pm (the correct time I am sure)

Here is the full article including the analysis of Dimash’s Hands!