Aquarius is the Eleventh Sign of the Zodiac

Physiology: The ankles and the Spine (parasympathetic nervous system).

Rising Sign: (Ascendant or First House Cusp): Cool, aloof, intellectual look, gives the impression of being least impressed but sensitive underneath.

Personality Traits of Aquarius:

Our birthday greetings to all of you who are Aquarians ­ one of the most brilliant, inventive but also eccentric signs of the Zodiac! Ruled by Uranus, those born under this sign have excellent ideas, but need someone else to make them work! They have strong humanitarian instincts and are usually very unbiased in the way they help others. Aquarius is an Air sign (even though its symbol is the Water Bearer!).

Aquarians can be coolly sarcastic, and because they are very intellectual, their wit can pass above people’s head and afterward hit them! In communication, they are usually very clear and precise like pilots. They are rational and objective but stubborn at the same time. They will listen to everyone, but you cannot change their mind unless you appeal to their reasoning ability. They make good friends but are better with groups sharing similar ideas than individual friendship.

Aquarians are often musical but need some Earth planets to make use of their genius. They are usually original but somewhat erratic in their artistic taste. They do well in marketing, media, and advertising because of their conceptual ideas and communication skills.

In love, Aquarians can be cool and aloof. Yet these individuals are quite loyal and dependable in their steadfastness of love (unless they have Venus in Pisces). They can be unconventional both in their approach to love and also to who they are drawn to.


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