Sagittarius is the Ninth Sign of the Zodiac.

Physiology: The Lungs (reflex of Gemini), Low back and thigh bone.

Rising Sign: (Ascendant or First House Cusp):  Philosophical, optimistic, magnetic, constantly on the go, independent, idealistic about self and the world in general, preaching type.

Personality Traits of Sagittarius:

Our birthday greetings to Sagittarians, ­ one of the most optimistic and philosophical signs of the Zodiac. Ruled by Jupiter, those born under this sign have a natural ability to draw others to their way of looking at things. They have an innate ability to understand the reasoning behind events and usually look at the positive side of events. Many positive motivators and educators were born under this sign. The symbol of Sagittarius is the Centaur, with his arrow aiming high above everyone else and a horse’s physical prowess and confidence.

Sagittarians are best under stress and tend to procrastinate till everything builds up to a crisis point. They like to learn everything in the minimum of time, but need to pace themselves. They love the initial challenge of any project but get bored by the routine unless they see results.

Sagittarius can be quite flirtatious especially if they have Venus in this sign. They seem to have a playboy/playgirl quality about them and are usually quite idealistic in love. They also seem to respond to some kind of Universal Justice, the rules of which they keep modifying themselves! Although they are known as “lucky”, it is their boundless energy and faith in themselves and their abilities which is their guiding force. If you have lost faith in life or feel down, make friends with them to rekindle that spark of enthusiasm.

With Pluto moving into the sign of Sagittarius, the deep changes you have been experiencing in your attitude towards life in general from 1995 onwards till Nov. 2008 have probably really matured you as well. Mass communication, global radio and TV programs, global education, increased international trade and reforms in the educational, judicial and religious systems are also some of the highlights of the next few years.


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