John F. Kennedy Jr. was America’s Prince charming JFK Jr., who first stole the heart of millions when he saluted his father’s casket at the age of 3.

JFK Jr. was born with a Mars-Saturn opposition which is a major accident configuration and indicates wrong timing. It usually points to danger to the head, car accidents and danger through guns, fire and head.

With most of the planets moving above the horizon, he certainly had everything going for him. However, his wife Carolyn Bassette Kennedy had most of her planets coming down in her chart. Although he could have become the President of America if he wanted to, there is no way she could have been the First Lady as planets coming down in your chart indicate a very low profile. Her luck may even have pulled him down although his own chart was supposed to cause upheavals for others as well (he was born with Moon in Aquarius (like Diana) and in adverse aspect to Uranus (like his sister).

Mars in Scorpio was in his 3rd house (danger through transportation) close to Neptune (violence, intrigue and espionage but also engine problems). This points clearly to danger from walking, running or flying (especially if you are the pilot yourself). Mars-Neptune is a nightmare configuration and it also warns of danger of drowning in lakes and the ocean (from July to mid. Aug. 1999 in his case) and this applied to anyone born in the 60’s. All three in the plane were born in 60’s and were all going through a Mars-Neptune transit!

Mars was hovering in his 3rd house for some time and the plaster cast from his paragliding accident may have temporarily saved him from major accidents. In fact, the removal of the plaster cast became the first link in a tragic chain of events leading to the fatal plane crash. I have a feeling that it was a sudden loss of engine power which made him lose control of the plane. Mars-Neptune aspect also shows danger of loss of a child, and just like Diana, his wife may have been pregnant.

Conspiracy Theories

With a Mars-Neptune transit, you always have conspiracy and sabotage theories and a lot of coverups which are used to justify them. In Diana’s case, there was a white Fiat which took off after having collided against her Benz and was never found. In JFK Jr.’s case, his plane vanished soon after he identified himself to the small local beacon near Marthe’s Vineyard airport. It was very close to the same place that the TWA had been blown out of the sky almost exactly two years ago to the day! It was almost the same day 30 years ago when Ted Kennedy’s secretary drowned.

I analysed JFK Jr.’s hand from his picture and he had a wealthy hand (full base), rather practical (almost square hand), and all the fingers are bending inwards pointing to a strong, stiff hand. His Head Line also seems to be joined indicating a very cautious nature and not used to fast reflexes. This is not a real daredevil’s chart so no wonder he always mocked at the behaviour of his cousins and considered them out of line. What happened in the plane required immediate correction although there was not much he could do once the stall started.

The M.C. conjunct JFK Jr.’s Pluto in Sagittarius in his 3rd house exactly at 9:39 pm and we calculated this to be the time of his plunge in the ocean near his mother’s estate (4th house) even before the reports confirmed that 9:40 pm seems to be the most likely time of the tragedy.

Moon had come back to the same place as it was when he was born (in Virgo) and reflected the sadness of the masses. He was also thinking of his mother when he sent an email at 4:05 p.m. offering condolences to his friend whose mother had passed away (Moon conj. his Pluto and Scorpio Asc. touching his 3rd house). Saturn was in his 9th house (danger from flying). It was also opposing his natal Mars in Scorpio indicating that the violence and accident prone phase was present from last year and would have continued for some time.

He was born with a natal Mars-Saturn opposition and was getting another Saturn-Mars aspect by transit. No wonder he suddenly developed a passion for flying. Mars opposed his Jupiter giving him confidence and making him take chances like a gambler . It was also the aspect under which he bought the plane just a few months before. He got delayed by 2 1/2 hours in the rush hour traffic while picking up his sister-in-law. Everyone being scared to fly with him probably increased his stress. Had he been alone, he may have survived but not with the luck of his passengers pulling him down.


Transits of JFK Jr. on 16th July 1999

1- He was born with a Mars-Saturn opposition (a major accident configuration and wrong timing). Although it did not get touched off, it increased his danger of accidents all the time.

2- Saturn just started transiting his 9th house pointing to “accidents and danger while driving or flying” (especially if you are flying yourself). In two years, it would have reached the 10th house (zenith) and a perfect time to hold any public office he wanted to.

3- Mars transiting the 3rd house (accidents near home) and moving towards a conjunction with Neptune (nightmares, wrong hunches and danger of drowning, page 47 of Moon Magic ’99.

4- Moon conjunct Pluto: wrote email to friend offering condolences. Moon just out of 12th (tired and reflexes still down).


Carolyn Bassette Kennedy’s Transits on 16th July 1999

1- Saturn at the very bottom of her chart (just like Diana – read Moon Magic 1999 page 45 “careful of driving or car related mishaps”) and exactly squaring her Mars in 12th house, a major accident configuration which was in effect from June ’99 till April 2000!

2- Uranus was also exactly conjuncting her Mars in Aquarius for the whole year, almost a sure sign of aviation disaster and spine injuries just waiting to happen. I did the charts of 3 people who died in the Swissair crash and all three had a Uranus-Mars or Mars-Uranus transit (freak accidents and danger from flying).

3- Mars was in her 9th house pointed to accidents and danger through transportation (particularly flying) completed the picture. Mars was also moving close to Neptune (a nightmare and drowning aspect). Moon in Virgo opposing her Saturn indicating being very critical, tired and disappointed. It was also in her 7th house (arguments with partner) and just touching her 8th house like Diana (MM 1999…often reminded of life death situations).