Steps in Life Coaching

3- Which areas to focus on based on your Future timing

Your 12 Month Forecast

Key to Your Future Timing

12_month_forecastThe Forecast is not meant to be a factual predictive report but a very accurate guide as to your inner timing and when you are at your best for what activity. An accident configuration just means you are susceptible to bad timing or being reckless and setting yourself up for problems rather than the fact that you will have an accident. In fact, to me that is totally blasphemous and only God can predict that.

We have highlighted the important transits in red and green but you could make all of them red or all of them green depending on whether you take it as a challenge and use it constructively or try to fight your own inner needs.  We just make you aware of your subconscious motivations and health issues and it is up to you to take precautions.  I  know for sure that these themes definitely make sense but they are completely unique to each individual as to how you offset them. One person could delve into self-pity and another could listen to our advice and change it into compassion for others and shed tears for them instead.

Some transits never repeat themselves and are a once in a lifetime experience and they are given in the Highlight section in the beginning. these include the transits of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus and it is important to be ready for them beforehand.

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