4- Discover your emotional cycle as it is triggered by the Moon every month:

The Moon goes around your chart every 28 to 29 days and connects you emotionally with each of the 12 areas of your life.  This is an internal timing of yours and there are two things it does.

As it  moves around the 12 Houses, it activates the 12 most important areas of your life e.g. When it is in your 12th house, you will always feel very run down but it is an excellent time for research and understanding the mysteries of life.

Another thing which is repeated over and over again are the aspects it makes to your natal chart which are repeated over and over again, in the same order all your life.

I have programmed the AstroCalendar for the first part  of this i.e. the Moon moving through your 12 Houses every month.  This will help you understand your own timing and which experience and activity satisfies the theme being touched off every month.  For example,  Moon in your 7th house will give you emotional experiences with your life partner. Now this can be wonderful experiences or arguments but it will happen every month for about 2 to 3 days.

Right after that you will get money as it moves into your 8th house! Don’t worry about the calculations etc as it is all done for you and you will know which day the Moon is in any of your 12 houses in less than 5 to 10 minutes even if you have never taken astrology in your life!

These cycles are very important as they accurately reflect  your inner timing and you can verify these on a daily basis. The feedback you give us is also important  for us to understand your themes and the best ways to offset them.


Your Moon Transits are the Key to Your Emotional Reactions.

astrocalendar_hiresMoon Transits are one of the main keys to understanding your inner timing. It is amazing how the Themes represented by the 12 Houses keep repeating themselves regularly every 28 to 29 days corresponding to the Moon’s transit through the 12 houses.

AstroCalendar is one of most important tools in helping you understand your own timing and you should get as soon as possible in case you don’t. As the Moon goes around your chart in a counterclockwise manner, it accurately reflects your timing when you are into money (#8) or closest to truth (#9) which is where it is as I am writing this!  Similarly, it is important to recognize that when it is #12, it is the best time for research but that your reflexes are down and your health can suffer if you don’t pace yourself.

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