Lil Nas X Country Rap Singer

 Lil Nas X country Rap singer is someone who has become an overnight sensation! It is wonderful to see how a talented artist finally makes it after spending most days sleeping in his car. The overnight success of Lil Nas X is a rag to riches success story except that he is a true artist and not motivated by the riches at all.  Millions of people saw his video on YouTube and bought his record when the industry tried to pull his song from the billboards.

Astrological Analysis of  Lil Nas X Horoscope

Lil Nas Xis an Aries with Mercury in Pisces.  This is like being a pioneer and a poet.

Mercury in Pisces makes one extremely sensitive to the needs of the masses but they are not really organized or disciplined enough to achieve unless there are other aspects in their chart.

In Lil Nas X’scase,  he is versatile, adaptable, changeable and also understands human nature very well. Mercury in Pisces gives a healing voice and many sopranos and tenors are also born with it including Beniamino Gigli, the Italian opera singer widely regarded as one of the greatest tenors of his generation and Celine Dion, as well as the Persian singer Googoosh and many other singers.  Read More