Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde from May 18th, 2015 to Jun 11th, 2015 is something which will affect everyone in the world. This always coincides with delays in communication and transportation amongst a whole lot of other things.

As the retrograde is in the sign of Gemini, this will affect anything which has to do with communication gadgets and people will be very restless.  Children with ADD will feel the teachers are even more boring and everyone will need more mental relaxation.

Mercury retrograde MayJune2015

Mercury retrograde May 11th to 19th June 2015

Here is a checklist so you can be better prepared for it:

– There will be communication delays everywhere so give yourself extra time for all your projects.

– Don’t change your cell phone, home phone or internet plans now as you will be undecided and may want to change your mind later.

– Make duplicate keys in case you misplace them which is very common during this period…Read More