Rosetta Project’s Philae Probe

Will Rosetta Projects’s Philae Probe see the sunlight and again send images back from Comet 67P?

Philae probe landed on a comet 310 million miles from Earth and has already secured a place in the history books. The 1.3 billion euro mission aims to unlock the secrets of comets, which some astrophysicists believe may have “seeded” Earth with some of the ingredients for life.

Although it sent all the data that it was supposed to back to Earth, there was not enough sunlight to recharge its battery because it bounced and landed in shade under a crater. It sent its last tweet and went into idle mode.

Here is something a bit different from normal astrology and is the domain of Horary astrology except it is not based on the hour when you ask the question but rather the symbology of words and planets in signs. I do this a lot but seldom write about it!

Although it may appear as conjecture, I am beginning to suspect that there are divine laws and even laws of Physics behind names, origin of languages and terrestrial events which effect the masses.

Rosetta‬ Project was named after Rosetta Stone which helped decode Egyptian hieroglyphs. While thinking about Jupiter in Leo conjuncting Moon in Leo in my daughter Nooreen’s chart (Noor also means light), her Moon in Leo suddenly reminded me of the Rosetta Project and the symbology became very interesting.:

1- Rose is King of flowers = Leo = Sunlight.  Jupiter is in Leo till Jul 2015.

2- Philae probe bounced off the surface before settling in a corner which hides the Sun. Saturn in Scorpio = darkness or night.

3- Saturn moves away from Scorpio (dark shade) on 23rd Dec 2014 and into the sign of Sagittarius, heralding a new era of space exploration and a major boom to astronomy.

4- Jupiter in Leo will prevail and Philae probe will be get Sunlight again and be able to recharge its batteries.

Our conclusion is that Rosetta project will be back on its track as Philae probe sends signals back to Earth again by 24th Dec 2014!



Senseless Shootings

Senseless Shootings have happened  in the last few days with Corporal Nathan Cirillo in Ottawa and Jaylen Fryberg in Marysville, Wa.

Can astrology predict when there is danger in your  chart?
Can we monitor the tweets and see the danger coming up?
What is the single most important reason behind most of the shootings?
Can you do anything to avoid it?

Jaylen Fryberg Shooting in Marysville:

We got two birthdates for Jaylen with one of them in 1999 and the other in 2000.

I checked both the dates and I am quite positive he was born in 1999. It would be great if any one of you could confirm this. he might have even been born end of July but I still went to put these themes down and if we are able to confirm a different date, I will update you in the similarities.

In the 1999 chart, it shows a Moon conj Pluto which makes a person quite intense in their emotions but also self-destructive and can make one vindictive as it is a Scorpio theme and gets activated when issues of resentment are not resolved.

With Mars in Scorpio opp Saturn, there was a lot of bottled up anger and this is a violent configuration. Mars sq Venus would have added to his passion and strong feelings in love.

Two things stand out here…Read More


Toronto Mayor Election

Toronto Mayor Election is on tonight but we don’t have the time of births for any of the candidates. My clients wanted me to comment on the election so here is our analysis based on simple the main planets.

Doug Ford has a radical mind which is great if the system is wrong so it might be good for Toronto. He is a very good motivator (Mer in Sag) and has Jupiter in Taurus so is excellent for land and properties. Education system and transportation will see the most reforms and real estate value will go up if he is elected. The students will like him for sure as he has Mercury in Sagittarius and will make positive changes in the education system.

Olivia Chow has Mercury in Pisces which gives strong leadership ability (Hitler and Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper were also born with it which may not be the best examples!). It is good for strong convictions and the fact that it is trined to Saturn gives her a deliberate way of speaking but also more practical and productive. Venus in Pisces gives her the concern for children and seniors. However last few years with Pluto squaring her Mercury she may have major forces opposing her including racial bias.

John Tory has Mercury in Gemini well aspected to both Neptune (verbal eloquence) and Pluto (ability to affect the masses and global ideas). Mer conj Jupiter is the intellectual aspect and the lawyer side of him. However, he is more of an advisor and conceptual person rather than a strong leader. His is more intellectual than wise and he will be too flexible so the strong leadership aspect will be lacking…Read More

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon is from 25th Oct 11:40 pm to 28th Oct 5 am 2014. This applies to everyone but those born under the sign of Sagittarius will be more into realization of truth now. 

Sagittarius represents your Ninth Need which is your need for philosophical values and ideals, travel and interaction with foreign countries.

Today’s color is Deep Blue

Sagittarius Moon indicates that people in general will tend to be more philosophical and forgiving now and a sense of reverence will be in the air.

This is an excellent time for positive motivation seminars, traveling to foreign countries or learning languages. You will feel spiritually more optimistic and lucky but be careful of being overly speculative…Read More


Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon from 23rd Oct  4:30 pm to 25th Oct 11:40 pm. This applies to everyone around the world as it captures the global mood, but Scorpios are especially more emotional in their experiences now.

Scorpio represents Your Eighth Need which is your need for Transformation.

With Scorpio Moon, people will be motivated by power, dark moods, fear and morbid thoughts now and acts of destructiveness will abound. People tend to be more obsessive, intense, sarcastic and vindictive now…Read Me


Libra Moon

Libra Moon from 21st Oct  6 am to 23rd Oct 4 pm. It is the most romantic Moon and symbolizes everything which Venus stands for. Libra Moon brings out your need for love and romance and stimulates your aesthetic sense.

Libra Moon makes you non-judgmental and it is the time to indulge your appreciation of art and beauty through fashion, reading Vogue and other magazines pertaining to beauty products, cosmetics, jewellery, decoration and architecture. This is the best time for talks about peace, harmony and cooperation before the moon goes into Scorpio and there is violence around the world…Read More


Tetrad Moon Lunar Eclipse 8 Oct 2014

Tetrad Moon Lunar Eclipse is something a lot of people have been making a big deal about the “blood” Moon and how it is the beginning of the end of the world etc. the same routine which the doomsday prophets used to scare people to repent or buy their potions or whatever the scam was. I am sure there are some who actually believe it is the end of the world or some major apocalypse is upon us.

On 8th Oct 2014  Wednesday morning, for between two and nine minutes, you might get the chance to see both moonset and sunrise at the same time, which is very rare. A selenelion occurs only when a lunar eclipse happens at about the same time as sunrise, allowing observers to see both an eclipsed moon setting and a sun rising simultaneously.

Wednesday morning’s total lunar eclipse, which will be the last total lunar eclipse this year, will begin at 4:45 a.m. ET and end at 9:05 a.m. ET. However, the most brilliant part of the eclipse, when the Earth completely shadows the moon from the light of the sun, will start at 6:25 a.m. ET and end at 7:24 a.m., lasting 59 minutes. It is during this window that the moon will take on its infamous blood-red hue.

What is the tetrad Moon series and why these four consecutive lunar eclipses are important, and what is our astrological interpretation of it?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. If the earth’s shadow completely covers the moon, it is a called a total lunar eclipse.

Any lunar eclipse affects the earth because the earth is being pulled from both sides as the Moon and Sun are exactly opposite each other. It is in fact a full Moon except the earth is in between so you see the earth’s shadow on the Moon. If  the Earth was off center then it would be visible as a Full Moon…Read More


Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky made Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton very happy and proud grandparents. Our congratulations to the former President and his wife, and Chelsea and her husband.

The most important element of her chart is that  she has Neptune in Pisces which makes her very compassionate and humanitarian.  Venus in Virgo also makes her very unselfish and caring for those who are downtrodden. Hillary Clinton has Moon in Pisces and Charlotte will bring out the humanitarian side of her even more and maybe even soften her grandma’s dictatorial side.

Moon and Saturn in Scorpio normally makes one anemic but it is quite wide and is well aspect to Neptune which combines the emotional intensity of Scorpio along with the deep spirituality of Neptune in Pisces.

She will be natural at law  and will delegate work to everyone (grandpa pass me the remote please!).  She will probably get a degree in law and an MBA as well which are both her talents.  She will have an excellent sense of humor and will get along best with with her famous grandfather Bill Clinton, who will be her best promoter. He has Mercury in Leo and she has Mercury in Libra (fire and air  always get along well)…Read More

Mising Children Mars-Naptune

Missing Children

Missing Children is one of the saddest news which seems to be be more and more common these days. I have finished developing the software for parents to monitor their children as well and to be more aware of the danger periods.

In our July post under Stressful Dates I warned about the 60’s age group and also those who were born between 1998 and 2011 being in a nightmare configuration throughout Aug 2014.

All the children shown in the picture here had transiting Mars squaring their Neptune when they went missing in August 2014, no exception! Even without the time of birth, this warning applied and the Mars-Neptune aspect made it like a nightmare for these poor children. None of them have been found yet and we can only imagine what the poor parents are going through.

Children are extremely careless these days especially on the social media and give away all their whereabouts and most of them are tagged.

I added an Oracle in the AstroCalendar now which will answer most of your questions.  You can also add all your family and click on Mental Stress to check when the children are in danger. this also applies to their immune system. Rob Ford was hospitalized  (1960s age group) exactly when Mars conjunct his Neptune.

This is taken directly from the Oracle in Astrotrends for someone born in the 90s:

01 Aug 2014 3 SC 55

Be careful of acting on hasty judgment or bad hunches, speculation, scandals, fraud, trusting wrong people, allergic reactions and ocean. Avoid all underhanded activities, alcohol or drugs. Use this obsessive period for art, music or creative hobbies.

Please read the article on Mental Stress above and the dates we keep publishing in the Horoscope Tab so you can be aware of this.  Of  course subscribing to your own personalized AstroCalendar will help you automatically and it is also one of the most important tools in our astrological life coaching program.


Moon in Leo

Leo Moon is when people in general tend to be more dramatic and flamboyant. Moon is in Leo from 18th Sep 10 pm to 21st Sep 11 am 2014 (New York time).

Take advantage of the grand feeling and focus on publicity, weddings, buying expensive designer clothes now but be careful of overspending.

It is easy to forget your means and overindulge your taste now. Royalty is often in the news and Monarchy gains favour with the public now.

This is an excellent time for launching new products, public relations, public speeches, and theatrical reviews. People are more susceptible to heart related illnesses now.

Today’s color is Gold.

Leo represents your 5th Need, the need for Pride and Recognition.

This is the need within you which propels you towards fame. Although many truly talented people don’t seek fame but…Read More