Prince Archie Harrison Windsor Horoscope

Prince Archie Harrison Windsor horoscope shows that he is a Taurus with Mercury in Aries. He is definitely not going to be as patient as many astrologers have written! I expected the letter “A” because of his Mercury position, but certainly didn’t think of the comic book Archie character or Archie Bunker as the namesake!

This is really quite a brilliant chart and quite broadminded as well. Mercury in the 12th gives the capacity for research and he will think like a scientist.  Although Mercury in 12th makes one more quiet, Prince Archie will be very curious and want to know everything and to get the bottom of it like an investigator.

Youtube Video Analysis by HJ Amazing but complex horoscope of Prince Archie Windsor

The twelfth house is associated with medicine, nuclear physics in moderns times or the defense industry, anywhere there are hidden elements and institutions involved.  Mercury close to Uranus gives a brilliant mind and thinking outside the box. Neptune, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus all in the 12th house accentuate the love of secrets but also can indicate secret love!

Venus in Aries is normally very independent in love and not the most faithful placement as they are more interested in new challenges all the time. However, Saturn squaring Venus shows he will keep it under wraps and more likely restrictive relationships. On the positive side, there is a talent for architecture as well as fashion!  I was surprised to find so many fashion designers, who have Saturn sq Venus, who successfully made it a productive use of their artistic capacity.  Venus sq Neptune indicates a very idealistic nature and may increase the humanitarian side indirectly with so many Pisces influences (Venus in 12th, Pisces on 12th, Neptune rules Pisces and in 12th and Venus sq Neptune.

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