Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Updated: 9 Dec 2016

Princess Charlotte Hands indicate that the little Princess is much more like her father rather than her mother. She will be much more cautious, follow the rules and also love history and tradition.

Here are the hands of Princess Charlotte and Duchess Kate Middleton.

It seems that the Duchess has the Life Line and Head line quite separate just like Princess Diana. In other words, she is very independent and likes to control also (Mercury in Aquarius).  However, Prince William has a mind of his own and is not into control like Prince Charles (Mercury in Scorpio) otherwise they would have locked horns. Prince William likes strong women and she is exactly like Princess Diana but much more mature.

Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, will be much more traditional as her Head Line seems totally joined to the Life Line.

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Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has finally arrived and the world media is focussed on what she will be like. Here is a thorough quick analysis of her chart to give you more insight. Our heartiest congratulations to Prince William and The Duchess Kate Middleton and the Queen.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana has the Moon in Libra, one of the most feminine signs. I was actually hoping the baby would have Moon in Libra if it is a girl as it is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, peace and harmony.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

The face of the little Princess shows the perfect peace and calm of Moon in Libra.

Princess Charlotte has the Moon Jupiter aspect we talked about earlier in the week when Kate was still expecting. Both parents have a Moon Jupiter aspect and so does the little Princess, and this is the hallmark of public response and publicity. It also translates to mind expansion and visionary qualities.

Both Prince William and the Duchess had Moon transiting their 9th house of prayers and their wishes certainly came true. It also connects Princess Diana here as Libra is the sign of Paris and there are quite a few signs which indicate that Prince William was thinking of his mother at the time the little angel Princess came into his life. In fact, the touch of sadness in his chart (Moon conjunct Saturn) before the birth of his daughter as well as Moon being in the same 9th house shows that he had prayers in his heart.

Here is the chart of the latest great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II
Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Princess Charlotte Horoscope Chart

Princess Charlotte is a Taurus like the Queen so she will be quite grounded as well. Humanitarian causes are written all over her chart and she will be a patron to many societies and literary organizations. This is not the chart of a leader but that of an extremely versatile, intellectual and scholarly Princess who will contribute most of her efforts to literary causes and lifting the literacy level of all children. Even her Venus in Gemini indicates love of communication which Shakespeare was also born with.

Prince William also has Mercury in Gemini so she has inherited the intellectual traits from him and they won’t even have to talk to understand each other. She will also love gadgets and will be quite media savvy like her dad. The Duchess, her mother has Mercury in the brilliant sign of Aquarius along with Venus (eloquence and a beautiful voice), and all three of them will get along extremely well when it comes to communication.

Neptune in Pisces (Crowd Funding Generation)

The most significant indicator of her mission is Neptune in Pisces (once in 165 years) which is the highest planet in her chart. It is in the 9th house of (philosophy) and indicates spiritual insights and leanings. Neptune is the ruler of her 10th house (career) and being in the 9th, is an excellent aspect for teachers as well.

Community and Mass Welfare

Sun, Mercury and Mars were all in her 11th house of community, humanitarian pursuits and philanthropy. This indicates that she will not just talk and write about this (Mercury) and will have literary friends, but also that she will actively participate (Mars) in all causes relating to the education. Having some Aries on the 11th house also points to starting new initiatives for community welfare.

Ascendant (What Your Project to the Public)

Her rising sign (Ascendent) is Cancer with some Leo also in the first house (personality and what you project to the world). This brings her close to her home and somewhat attached to the family also. Underneath that caring and self-contained sign of Cancer, the Leo aspect makes her charismatic and gives her the regal stature in the way she will carry herself. She has actually inherited this from Prince Charles who also has the same rising signs (Cancer and Leo in the first house). Her personality is also close to Prince Williams who is born under the sign of Cancer.

Princess Charlotte will be very lucky for Prince Williams and they will probably be the patron of some Royal heritage foundation (her Jupiter in Leo in his 8th house). Her Moon in his 9th house shows that she will always stimulate his spiritual side.

Love and What She Loves Most

In love matters, she will be very independent and not very physical. In fact, her love will be for books, reading and research (Venus in 12th). It is rather a weak placement for relationships or for commitments (King Edward who abdicated the throne also had Venus in Gemini and he gave up his throne for a divorced woman).

However, Venus in Gemini is excellent for versatility in taste when it comes to art, music and literature. The Duchess is also very independent and they are similar in this respect except Kate is much more loyal. Prince William and Prince George are both similar when it comes to ties to the past and old-fashioned values. They both love tradition and culture and are very affectionate and also love good food (Venus in Cancer and Taurus).

Mercury: Key to Communicaiton

Mercury sq Neptune in the chart of the Princess reminds me of Aesop’s Fables, all of them fantasy but they all have a moral to them. It is like putting the chart of a saint and a con artist put together! But of course in her case, it just indicates the love of story telling and a fertile imagination. Many song writers including Paul McCartney (also Mercury in Gemini) were born with it.

This is also the hallmark of those who are excellent at counselling, guiding and helping others. Many writers of children’s stories are also born with a Mercury Neptune aspect. Mercury being close to Mars will give her a sharp wit and a strong voice. It also points to a forceful mind which may lead to verbal accidents from time to time (wide opp from Saturn). She may have inherited this from Prince Philip who is known for his funny remarks but totally wrong timing!

What makes it very productive is that she is actually born with a T-Square linking Mercury-Neptune-Saturn. Saturn opp Mercury makes her much more productive and stabilizes her intellect. When Mercury is in a bright sign (like Gemini in her case) you need Saturn to bring the discipline. Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci were born with Mercury in Aries aspects to Saturn.

However, the Saturn sq Neptune gives strange phobias and worries so she will need to be encouraged in her intellectual achievements. I have no doubt that this little Princes is extremely talented but she will need quiet encouragement and reassurance as she is not a self-starter. On th positive side, Saturn Mercury make her somewhat self oriented and compensate for lack of focus. Her talent is her versatility rather than doing just one thing. It also gives her good management skill.

Personaiity of Ideal Partner

Her 7th house is Cap-Aqu and shows Kate Middleton to be the ideal compliment to her personality. While she is very warm, her mother is more distant and aloof. While she can be too emotional at times and rather moody, her mom is more objective and not moved by emotions as much. It also indicates that she may break the family tradition when it comes to marriage (some Aqu on 7th) unless the person is quite a visionary or unconventional under the traditional look.

Capricorn on the 7th normally indicates an older person who is somewhat of a father figure and also reflects delays in marriage or being like a project. If she works with her husband (yes we are thinking too much in the future!) then it will offset a lot of unhappiness in marriage. In fact, that is the best way to offset Cap on the seventh house. The 7th house ruler Saturn in her 5th house shows that it will be a love marriage actually but also that she will be a late bloomer. She will value those who are wise and worldly in their knowledge (Saturn in Sag in 5th).

Boon to Children’s Fashion

Libra on the 5th house cusp makes one like a model and I am sure everything she wears will become a boon for all designers of children’s clothes.

Career and Image to the World

Pisces Aries on her 10th house shows that she will be seen by the world as a pioneer and a poet. An active humanitarian who will also communicate her message by her words and speaking to everyone about the need for literacy. Leo on her 2nd and 3rd house indicates not only that she will be great with films and documentaries, but also that she will be famous for her words and writings. Many TV hosts are born with Leo on the 3rd house cusp.

We wish her a very long and healthy life full of adventure and give her all our blessings in her ability to transform the lives of others. We are sure having such wonderful parents, she will make a difference in this world just like her grandmother Princess Diana did.

We extend our best wishes to the Royal couple and it is wonderful that the young Princess will follow the humanitarian side of both her parents as well as Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

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