Latest World Forecast 2019

Latest World Predictions for 2019

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Here are some major World Events for 2019 which are accurately reflected by the transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

1- Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius from 8 Nov 2018 to 2 Dec 2019. This happens once in 12 years.

This bodes well for:

– Mass communication

– Transportation

– Astronomy

– Philosophy of life

Some of the major advances in mass education, increase in literacy rate around the world, space travel available for normal people, panoramic theatres, major advances in astronomy and telescopes, NASA will make astronomy and space databases available to the public for research.

The best books on philosophy, religion, and astrology will be published before Dec 2019. Unfortunately, there will also be deliberation of physic and fraudulent charlatans everywhere.

The stock market will be unrealistically optimistic until 2019 but will have some sharp declines and curbs due to Saturn in Capricorn during the same period as well.

As Jupiter moves into the sign of Sag again from 8 Nov 2018, the astronomers just confirmed that there are two more moons which orbit the Earth. The Kordylewski dust clouds were, in fact, two Moons which very made of dust and too faint to be seen before. The researchers used polarizing filters on their cameras to detect the light reflecting off the particles in the dust cloud.

Here are all the latest World Predictions for 2019

Past Predictions for 2018

We had mentioned the time for Peace Treaties should take place while Jupiter was in Libra from Sep 2016 till 9th Oct 2017.

North and South Korea are finally moving towards this in Feb 2018. However, the initiative must have already started while Jupiter was still in Libra. This is the sign of peace treaties and we are hoping that Donald Trump, who was born with Jupiter in Libra, will herald a new policy of peace and harmony around the world rather than the continuation of war and hassles.

Our stock market prediction (made in 1986!) about a market crash in Oct 2017 was held over by the Feds putting in billions and manipulating the market even though we were correct in our timing and actual nature of the speculative market.  The actual last date of Sa turn in Sagittarius was 19 Dec 2017 but we wanted people to get out of the market at least a couple of months before. Also, it seems Oct is the traditional month when the crash happens as it the Sun is moving from Libra to the crisis sign of Scorpio.

We also predicted at the end of last year about Mars moving in the sign of Sagittarius from 26 Jan to 17 Mar 2018.

The last two or three weeks will be the most destructive from his administration but will not work out as many of his policies will be discredited. McCain will try his best to derail the peace talks but will be sidelined by the Trump administration. Read More

Saturn in Sagittarius indicates major reforms in immigration before mid-Dec 2017. Illegal immigration will be curtailed and new laws implemented to restrict the number and more scrutiny placed on immigrants from the Middle East (Sag countries).

Saturn in Sagittarius indicates faster airplanes and other modes of transportation by mid-Dec 2017 although the manufacturing will take place in the next three years with Saturn in Capricorn (manufacturing)

Donald Trump will turn the economy around especially the job market and will surprise everyone with his deal-making. He has the chart of a saint and a con artist and will outsmart all the crooks and plug in the loopholes in the tax system, which will be reduced to stimulate the economy.

He is in a saving mode now and will get along extremely well with Putin. they will together be instrumental in bringing peace to many factions of the Middle East starting with Syria.

The car industry will flourish again in the USA and new cars will be introduced much more efficient fuel, solar and electric energy. Mass communication will be incorporated into mass transportation and reduce road accidents.

There is a major accident configuration coming around the inauguration of Donald Trump and the Moon will be in Scorpio on 20th Jan 2017, indicating a lot of vindictiveness and it is only because of Putin and Trump that we will avoid another war. Major hassles in the last week of Jan 2017 but Feb is when the real test of the ’40s age group is coming up (Putin, Trump, Clintons etc).

We wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2019 and hope you start it with a very positive attitude towards life and the world in general.